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Sunday, September 3, 2017

September Friday Night with Friends

On Friday night I joined in with like-minded cyber friends, thanks to Cheryll and Friday Night with Friends, and spent a happy evening stitching away on my current A Holly Cottage Christmas block.
I feel like I've been working on this for ages and really thought I was nearly done, with just a few more french knots to do —

— but then I realised the gingerbread man still needs some features!
So maybe another evening and I'll have this block done - I'm just loving this project :-)

I have really been enjoying my needleturn is a block I made for a new Friday mystery SAL at The Country Yard. It's an adaptation of a block I did a few years ago - and also one I did recently for my swap with Janet.
(Not the sharpest of photos sorry but you get the idea!)

On Saturday I pulled out some reds and made a few hearts... I used the tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew (and not for the first time!) which I find to be a really good way of making a heart block.
 I must say I always enjoy a good rummage through my scraps!
Maybe - just maybe - this could be the start of something new?!
This is turning into a very brief post - for me, anyway - so I'll squeeze in a couple of photos I took this morning while out feeding calves.
While these guys were all drinking milk —
This chap was thinking he was a hunting dog —
Totally dwarfed by the big old Totara.
And while there probably is a possom up there, I'm fairly certain it is safe!
I have 108 calves to feed now so that takes a wee while. 80 of them though are out on the farm and on once-a-day feeding, which I do with that big feeder towed behind the bike.

There's some more stitching calling my name so I'll sign off... I'll be back a bit later to do the rounds and see what the other ladies got up to on Friday night... you can visit Cheryll's blog *here* to have a look yourself :-)
Happy Stitches,


  1. there's a lot of work in that Christmas block isn't there.... and then still star and hearts to go... but it's lovely.... great hearts.

    I do love the picture of little dog and ginormous treee... isn't it a beauty ...


  2. Do you ever get tired of hearing about how awesome I think you are . . . it's just a fact :)

  3. That is such a great block. Christmas will be here before we know it.

    Fun hearts too.

  4. That is so stinkin' cute, Raewyn! The gingerbread man is very sweet looking, with or without facial features. :)
    I like that heart block. I'll have to give that a try someday.
    Feeding 80 youngsters each day sounds like quite a responsibility, even if it is only once a day.

  5. A busy women keeping up with all the four legged babies and all that lovely stitching. I like the heart blocks, they look much like the ones in a quilt I quilted recently? Good scrap busters.

  6. oh my the hunter and outfit sooo cute. Hope calving has gone well and loved seeing what stitching you have been up to. I'm getting my machine out this week! Well that is the goal xxx

  7. Your block is looking great 😊
    Love the mobile food station ... wow what a job each day.

  8. wow 180.........i'll keep my 5......but I think you would probably not take much for time to feed that

  9. love the delicate stems and berries embroidered - adds such a nice little touch. You are so busy with the farm it is amazing you get done with all the needlework and quilting that you do. That is a lot of cattle.

  10. Lovely work on your Christmas block Raewyn... and such pretty hearts too!

  11. Beautiful Christmas block! I have made some of those Cluck Cluck Sew hearts too and I love how they turn out. The babies are looking so wonderful! I can hardly believe how many you have to take care of. They are beautiful.

  12. I love both of those sew alongs--but can't do either one right now--
    so I will enjoy them through you and your photos--
    sweet blocks--
    enjoy the moments, even feeding calves!! di

  13. Your heart blocks remind me of my bitty hearts row. Cute.
    Love your Christmas block. xx

  14. What a busy lady you are!! Love the heart blocks may have to do some myself and use scraps up.
    Glad to see your babies are all doing good. XXXX

  15. I missed out this Friday because of being gone, but I was working on the same block on the drive. Mine is much more primitive looking, though! I like yours a lot. I have the words and the features to do still, also. And it's September! I need to look at this month's. I think the main block is much simpler, though, so it will be okay that I overlapped.

  16. Love your Christmas block! I have a Christmas quilt with applique and embroidery on the go somewhere. Perhaps I should pull it out!! The Totara tree is fantastic! I think the possum is probably safe. :)

  17. Love your Christmas block, it will soon be done Raewyn. The hearts are beautiful too. I had to giggle at that little dog, he thinks he is a big one doesn't he!! Bet the possum is quaking in its boots!! 😆😆 Having so many 4 legged babies to feed is keeping you very busy...good to see some are out in the paddock now.

  18. Nice Friday night work and those hearts look fun. xx

  19. Your blocks are so pretty! I am going to have to take a day out when I get back in October to catch up... xx

  20. LoVe the Holly Cottage Christmas blocks... and adore the fabric and colours too.
    Thanks for popping by at FNwF too... xox

  21. The gingerbread man looks lovely even without his details. A gorgeous block. I enjoying seeing the other projects you are working on, too. I am amazed that you have any time to stitch with all the farm work at this time of the year!!

  22. The blocks are just so cute and love the stitching part. Hope all is well. Did that pup ever catch what it was looking for....giggle.

  23. Gosh, golly, gee, your needleturn is perfect! Loving your cows!

  24. Hi Raewyn,gee farm life sure is busy for you,thats a lot of little baby calfs,they would be so cute though.
    Loving your block i havent started mine yet,i must get a move on,before i go away.
    How funny is your little dog,such a cute pic,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  25. Wow that is a big tank of milk. I remember when I was a kid feeding two calves and how long it took. I got to giggling thinking about mixing formula, hot water, stirring, shaking....trying to get a tank that big would be overwhelming. Gorgeous stitching.


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