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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Catch up time!!

Gosh, has it really been three weeks?!! It's been tails up and heads down in my little corner of the world, and I didn't realise I'd been blogfree for such a long time!
So what has been happening?

Some rather major and exciting Christmas in July sewing parcel is winging its way to (somewhere and someone in) Australia and I've been camping at the mailbox waiting for my own parcel to arrive :-)

I've also taught two classes recently, which I've really enjoyed. The first one was a Caddy class - this was a two day (over two weekends) class; the ladies did well, several of them finishing their caddies the day after the class.
The second class was a feathered star - this is Bernice's finished block, a couple of the other ladies just need a hand to do the last little bit of assembly and then they'll have completed ones too.
Below are the two cushions I made earlier this year as samples... 
I made the block nice and big so it was more achieveable and wasn't as fiddly, so they've made nice big sized cushions...

...and I started this one for demonstration purposes for the class...hmmm...wonder how long it will take me to get back to this one - (sigh) - I do think I will build mine some more and let it become a quilt.

 Lately I have been putting my Friday's Village quilt together (aka Moda's Be My Neighbour SAL). We have doing this quilt as a sewalong at The Country Yard and it's been a fun project. Last post I bravely stated that I had chosen a grey sashing fabric and I'd sewn it on before I changed my mind.....famous last words...!! The grey sashing was removed.... then I put on a grey (first) border....then removed the grey border...
Here's version 1.2 with a grey border.
I had planned on more borders after this one but wasn't happy with the
start I'd made.
...finally though I have a version I am happy with!
Lots of borders...cream border...colour border...cream border...grey border
...and you can see how big this has's hanging from the balcony and nearly touching the ground! Quilting time coming up :-)

I'm linking up with Julie and Linda for Sew, Stitch, Snap and Share..feel free to visit their blogs to see what others have been up to.

It's nearly the end of the school holidays and once again we have had the two elder grandies staying with us. The two weeks have flown past really quickly. The girls are delighted that we have started calving and have been busy naming the calves and spending time playing with them.

And helping out too!
Me, well, I'm not quite as delighted to all of a sudden have lots of extra mouths to feed! Downtime over winter has come to an abrupt end. Officially for us this is now Springtime but looking out the window, it doesn't seem that way! Apparently there is another bad weather system heading our way...Northland has been pretty mild lately and I'm really hoping it will stay that way!

Here's hoping it's not quite so long until I post again - I really did miss all the interaction
Until then,
Happy Stitches,


  1. Some fabulous makes, the caddy's are awesome, you can see why folks want to make them. Your Friday's Village looks great. How are you going to quilt yours? I bet the girls love the calves, they are cute.

  2. Oh wow, a feathered star! I've tagged you into a conversation on facebook :) Love the caddy too... which pattern did you use? xx

  3. Yes the days and weeks just seam to fly by but you have been very busy..
    Making secret Christmas gifts 🎁
    Holding two fantastic workshops
    The caddy is great and the Feathered Star makes a gorgeous cushion.
    As well as getting the borders onto your lovely houses quilt....
    Plus enjoying having the GC.

  4. Beautiful star cushions and your sew along quilt looks gorgoeus. The coloured border looks great.
    Very cute baby calves, pity they make so much work for you.

  5. feathered stars take some time to make I think but are always worth it in the end. We have our daughter and grandchildren visiting this week but they take off tomorrow and then I am back to my regular routine - which I admit I miss. Always nice to see them, but they are not country kids and do not like the quite life and get bored very easily -(teenagers)

  6. You have had some heavy commitments lately. Looking forward to seeing more of what went to Australia.
    Those caddies look quite impressive. They appear pretty complex in the making, to me.
    I love feathered stars. I have only made a couple, but I have the desired to do more. A cushion is a great way to finish one off.
    Your final border decisions on Be My Neighbor really finish it off beautifully.
    You have really had your hands full, with visiting grands and new mouths to feed, along with all of your quilty commitments. How do you do it all???

  7. Those stars are gorgeous and yes time just flies when we are having fun . . . you're such a busy girl. I'm very impressed . . . where do you get all your energy :)

  8. Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous quilt! And I love the caddy. Feel free to send one to me. I've never made a feathered star, so I'm in awe of yours. I guess I'll need to take a class some day. Will you be teaching in my area anytime soon? LOL!

  9. A lovely post, Raewyn, full of good things. Love the caddy, wish I lived near enough to join your workshop! The quilt looks delightful, also the calves. Hope the weather doesn't turn to custard again. You certainly seem to be getting some interesting weather in NZ this winter.

  10. The caddy looks as though it fits a lot in, will be very useful for travelling with projects.
    Can't wait to see what you made and received for Christmas in July.
    Thanks for linking to Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

  11. The caddy looks awesome and the star pillow does too . I am sure your students really enjoyed both workshops. Hope your happy mail arrives soon ☺

  12. Love your house quilt. Those caddies are awesome. I've made one and it certainly was a challenge. :-)

  13. Lots happening, what with the farm, the grandchildren, the workshops.. I'm so glad you find some time to stitich & sew too! Looking forward to seeing what comes for your 'christmas in july' swop!

  14. Love that caddy you've been teaching. I've made a few feathered stars and they're not easy! The house quilt looks great with your new border. You've been very busy!

  15. Love your village quilt! Also those lovely projects you have been teaching. Very cute farm hand and new baby. Must be wonderful to come for a holiday on the farm xx

  16. You have been busy!! Your quilt looks lovely Raewyn and I love your Feathered Stars, never made one because of all the tiny triangles!

  17. thought you must be busy with new borns. Lots of nice makes here, I have the pattern for the caddy but so far have only read through it plucking up courage to try it. Feathered star looks complicated too, you students have done great. House project is also on my list but put off as it says it need 6 yards of background fabric which I do not have.

  18. Your quilt looks gorgeous, but those baby calves, they are too beautiful says the townie that doesn't have to care for them.

  19. Lots of beautiful things happening at your house, love the star you have been teaching and the bag. Love the house quilt, it is going to be large when you finish. Lovely to see the girls helping with the calves. The calves are so cute says another townie who doesn't have to do the work either!!!! 😃😃😃

  20. Nice work from your students. Is that caddy pattern available to buy? Wow, the quilt looks amazing! That border really works well. Enjoy the quilting. xx

  21. Love your caddy and the feathered star.

  22. A really neat caddy - is this your own pattern? I just love the feathered star, that one is on my bucket list.

  23. Lovely Friday's Village! I have collected all the patterns and not made one yet - and I'm going to be behind on Christmas if I don't get busy this last week of July!

  24. very busy there.... I love your finished quilt top.... hope you get some quilting time soon. some lovely classes you have been holding - that caddy looks really useful doesn't it?

  25. Your new quilt top looks great, and I especially love the pieced border, adds a touch of colour. And not something I would have thought of myself, so it's always good to see other peoples design ideas.

  26. The caddy really is a project that can be used for all sorts of purposes... very useful. It is fun to see what you ended up doing to your Friday Village quilt - glad you finally found a solution that you were happy with (even though I seem to remember liking the grey sashing). I know what you mean about spring... lambs and daffodils already, but it's been so cold and miserable.

  27. My goodness, but you've been busy! I'm loving that caddy! So you're a teacher, too! A good one, I'll bet.

  28. With it being such a busy time I am surprised you are getting any stitching done, so well done on what you have achieved. Great work with the Village quilt. I think you have made the right choices, even if it did involve reverse sewing. It looks great.

  29. I'm quite impressed with your feathered blocks. They are beautiful - as is the quilting around them.

  30. Oh your caddy looks fabulous. So many pretty blocks, and quilts. Everything is lovely.


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