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Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Finish!!

For me, one of the fun things about finishing a quilt is the photo session that follows!
And so it was for my newly completed Farm Girl Vintage!
Of course I decided it fitting that a Farm Girl quilt needed photographing on the farm. So started my tramp around the sheds and buildings looking for the right setting....
(Warning! Self Indulgent post! Photo Heavy!)

Surely hay bales will give a suitably rustic photo?
Not enough room to lay it out.
Pin it to the rafters..... but if I step back far enough to get it all in, I fall nearly
2 metres to the ground.
The back of the calf shed —
Sort of rustic but boring.
The chook yard fence?
Oops it fits if it's sideways...
Right way up, it was too long.
But nice backdrop!
A quick closeup....showing the border fabric.
Simple quilting, with cross hatching in the border.
A few swirls in some blocks, mostly outline stitching or SID
With a chicken?
With a dog?
With a different dog?
How about in a different shed?
Sort of rustic but not enough room.
Outside the shed?
Believe it or not, this was my favourie rustic shot..... but I was downhill...!
It's a wrap.
Time to roll up the quilt and feed the chickens.
And time to get on with my day :-)
Pattern -Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt
Fabrics - Gathering Baskets by Kim Diehl
Made for The Country Yard as a sewalong sample.

I really enjoyed making this quilt...there are lots of possibilities and ideas for using the different blocks in different ways. A book I know I will keep on using!

Busy day today, must be off :-)
Happy stitches,


  1. Nothing wrong with a self indulgent photo shoot. Your quilt looks great - I like the dogs with it. Your downhill shot is my favourite too.

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun with this photo shoot! Loved having a peep around the farm... the perfect setting for a wonderful quilt!

  3. I never know where to take a photo of my quilts. Now I don’t feel so bad. ;-) Our little plot of land has much fewer choices. Gorgeous quilt!!

  4. What a fun and challenging quilt. You really did a wonderful job on it. I, too, like the dogs with it and even the little chicken. I think it's fun that you can play around with your photo shoot seeing all the different ways you can display your quilt. Nola

  5. Oh Well done. I do believe the chook was actually critically looking at your lovely work.
    I too love the photo shoot possibilities.

  6. I think it looks gorgeous no matter where you photograph it Raewyn ... love the look on the dogs faces!! You have done a wonderful job of it. Hope you have a great day today at your fave shop.

  7. Love your quilt and the adventure you took it on--great, and cute photos--
    keep stitching--
    enjoy the moments,di

  8. Hi Raewyn ,wow your quilt is amazing,i love all the different pics of it,well done my friend.

  9. Gorgeous! With a capital "G"!!!
    You are amazing.
    Connie :)

  10. Love the photos and the description, had a good giggle!!! It is a beautiful quilt, well done on your finish. Love the dog photos.

  11. What a fabulous quilt and a fabulous show and tell! Love seeing so much of your place...great photo locations and furry friends. Awesome post!

  12. You have so many choices for backdrops, they all looked good. A really beautiful quilt.

  13. It turned out really beautiful! And love all the photos in the photo shoot! xx

  14. Woot woot! for a lovely finish! I love your photo shoot. The chicken coordinates very nicely with your quilt fabrics, and I'm impressed your dogs posed so nicely :)

  15. Gorgeous raewyn in every shot!
    Especially love the chooky one
    And the dogs of course
    Fantastic finish

  16. the quilt is just lovely and you found some great places... I think my favourite is on the hay bales! I was looking at the quilting for ideas since I have two sampler quilts to do!


  17. it looks great and love how you have been around the farm photoing it

  18. Your quilt looks wonderful. So many amazing blocks. And i love all the different photos, but no more falling off hay bales!! Your farm is the perfect backdrop for this quilt!

  19. A great finish and inventive photography! How's the little guy doing now?

  20. I just love it and your creativity ...

  21. Well I for one loved that! Your quilt is beautiful Raewyn and definitely deserved a photo shoot all its own xx

  22. hi Raewyn,
    your quilt is beautiful and I like all the photos :-)

    Happy quilting

  23. Beautiful quilt Raewyn. When the weather is fitting, I just hang mine on the clothesline, that is rustic enough. Still winter here though so I have to improvise inside the house. I think I've got the no-reply thing solved now but just in case - You are the first person I'm commenting to since I think I've fixed it! Blessings.

  24. Oh decisions, decisions, decisions. You certainly have great areas for a photo shoot. Great quilt! Wonderful finish.

  25. What a great quilt Raewyn - lovely finish. I enjoyed seeing round your farm too. xx

  26. Oh funny post, raewyn--love how your FGV came out--especially those blocks with maroon and that pretty blue/gray fave is with the we know why he crossed the road..hahaha hugs, Julierose

  27. Oh it is a beautiful quilt. The setting for photos is just perfect of course. I loved a bit of a tour of your farm. The different animals are so sweet. You have every right to make it a photo heavy blog post, because it is a beautiful quilt. Certainly one to be proud of.

  28. Love the quilt and the photo shot was awesome , my favorite is the one with the chicken 😊

  29. What a gorgeous quilt in a lovely colorway!

  30. I love a farm photo shoot for Farm Girl Vintage--and I LOVE that you did it in Kim Diehl fabrics, rather than the usual 30s fabrics for Lori's pattern. This was delightful!

  31. Great quilt! Love all your photos. Such a lot of work in the quilt, it looks perfect.

  32. Congratulations on a Fantastic Finish! I love your fabric choices. I am glad your quilt got a chance to tour the farm before it went to the shop. lol

  33. Gorgeous quilt. Rebecca told me to check it out and the photo shoot is fabulous. I can relate trying to find somewhere to take a picture of a quilt. Barn door, tree, dealing with the wind blowing it away.

  34. Fun tour de farm for your gorgeous quilt...glad you decided against falling down the 2 metre drop!!...

  35. love your quilt a group of friends and I are doing one too. some the 6 inch and some the 12/ we also have some of the companion blocks. have to have a sewing machine on my farm LOL

  36. Looks like someone was having fun! I like the one with the chicken... great day on Saturday... lots of fun projects.

  37. It looks fabulous and I loved all of the different shots of it.

  38. That is absolutely stunning and I think it deserved to have an entire photo shoot and post about it. Well done you!!

  39. Well I love all the pics, even the sideways ones! It can definitely be a bit of gymnastics to get some good pics of a finished quilt, but you've got some crackers there, plus you can always take it out again & take some more pics.
    It's turned out beautifully, well done Raewyn!

  40. It is beautiful and I love all of the fun, creative shots of it!! :)

  41. What a gorgeous finish, Raewyn!
    Loved the tour of the farm, and every picture was great, but I especially like the very first one!
    How ever did you get the dogs and the chicken to be so good for you?!
    Barbara x

  42. Raewyn, it came out beautifully! The fabrics you chose to use were all absolutely perfect! You've got the eye! I thoroughly enjoyed your fun photo shoot. Taking pictures after a finish it the hardest part for me. Enjoy your week! XO


  43. Amazing photo shoot and so fitting for that quilt-which I just love!!! Well done it is gorgeous!!!

  44. What a gorgeous quilt! Love all the photos especially with the different dogs and sheds! Lol


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