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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Small things

This week YD discovered the joys of fusible web -
And made herself this book cover -
"No Mum, I will not become a Quilter!!!!"
Haha maybe not, but not too far off I reckon :-)
Meanwhile I spent a bit of time playing with my Omigosh quilt project. I've been making more of the tiny 9-patches as leader-ender scraps-
-and thought it time I pulled out the pattern to see what else I need to do for it....
I realised that the original 9-patches are all totally scrappy, not made out of the same fabrics as my ones are.... I made some of the necessary 4-patches scrappy.....
...and sewed together the first set of blocks....
...I've decided I really like the jewel effect of the totally scrappy
blocks so all the new (hundreds of) blocks will be made like this now.
I know this will be a slow scrap project (especially the way I'm making it) but I relish the thought of using all the tiny 1" pieces. Small things amuse small minds one of my teachers used to say. Enough said.
(And she used to finish that with "and small pants have small behinds"!!!)

Anyway, back to my Omigosh; I've remembered a tip I saw/read/heard somewhere about putting a weight on freshly ironed bloks to help them sit flat. These little 9-patches like to curve out at the seamline to greet me so I've started covering them with a weight once I've given them their final press. Usually something heavier than this ruler but you get the idea anyway. It works quite well.
They sit like this until they're cooled or until it's tidyup time and
they need to go away.

Also on the small side is the Postcard Swap I did recently with Jennifer - she travels in the summer months so chose to send me some sights from her adventures. This lighthouse was along the Oregon Coast. Very cool.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse
It took me ages to decide what to make for my postcard but finally I decided that a NZ Fantail was a good kiwi icon to do. YD took 3 of my photos and photoshopped them together for me.... being little flitty birds I find them incredibly hard to get a decent photo of... so none of my photos were very good to use. After tracing the image and appliquing it onto a pieced background, I finished it up with a little fmq, and popped it into the post... happily it arrived in one piece!
Thank you Jennifer for swapping with me and also to Sheila for arranging the swap :-) Sheila regularly does these swaps so if you are at all interested, keep an eye on her blog. It's a fun way to meet other bloggers and also play a bit with your sewing.

The small dog is seen below modelling new jersey #3 which YD has nearly finished. Jersey # 2 needs a new neckline and that will be finished soon too....not long now and he will be the best dressed dog around. Her hubby sighs and wonders where his jersey is....

'till next time, 
happy stitches ☺


  1. Very cute bookcover. Love the little birdies.
    I am thrilled that you are doing Omigosh! For years I told myself I would make it one day, but now I think I will do Nearly Insane instead. I gave up on Dear Jane, too. Never started it, but I had purchased the book years ago. I think there is only one such large quilt in me and I have decided it will be Nearly Insane.
    Thanks for the tip on flattening little blocks. It is definitely a problem and I will put this technique to good use.
    Fun postcard swap. Very sweet little bird you created. She did a great job on the lighthouse, too. As I recall it has a black rock beach, but I challenge anyone to find fabric like that. : )
    What a stylish little pooch. Does your daughter's hubby want a jersey in those same colors? : )

  2. Sure am loving your Omigosh blocks! That's a pretty ambitious project! Sheila is just as sweet and wonderful in person as she is online! I am so lucky to have the opportunity to visit with her two or three times a summer. Her postcard swap really caught on! I made one. Once. Your YD has good stick-to-it-iveness! Maybe she SHOULD make your hubby one and surprise him. Enjoy the rest of your week! XO

  3. Great tip of putting a weight on those freshly ironed blocks, I'll try and remember that.
    Doggie jersey is looking good, Hubby will just have to be patient!

  4. Hi Raewyn oh i love the project that your daughter made,it made me laugh with her hubby wondering where his jersey is.
    Wow i love the postcards that were both sent and received and your tiny blocks are so cute,i hope your day is a good one xx

  5. Sitting here like Shez having a giggle about your YD's hubby wondering about his jumper!!! :-) Hope he gets one, one day!! Love both the postcards, your fantail looks fantastic! YD did really well with her book cover, yes I can see the quilter slowly developing too! Your Omigosh is beautiful, so much work, so many little pieces!!! So wish I had seen it when we were over!!! Great dog jacket!! He is going to look very posh down on the farm!!

  6. I love those postcards, both so clever. Glad to know I am not the only one who can't photograph fantails.

  7. You certainly are making progress. I love the little Fantail bird on your postcard. Such a lovely idea.

  8. Love seeing the fun applique on the book. great idea.
    Well done on working with the tiny blocks. You are good at sticking to long term projects.
    Your postcard swap looks like a lot of fun, too.

  9. These amaze me, because I know how much harder it is to do things in miniature like this. You are one talented lady :)

  10. Omigosh you sure are crazy...LOL... such tiny 9patches....can't wait to see what your create with them Raewyn.
    Love both the postcards. It is always a fun swap...
    Your YDs cover looks great and I'm sure the furry fella loves his coat.

  11. Love the little birds. That is so cute. Your postcards are beautiful too.

    I always put a piece of hardwood on my pressed pieces. It works great and sets them so well.

  12. I think maybe your daughter has already caught the bug , she just hasn't realized it yet 😉 she did a fantastic job on the book cover. Omigosh is going to be a beauty , love all that scrappiness. Oh both postcards are just delightful , great job capturing the bird , I love it and Jennifer's lighthouse is lovely as well . Thanks for taking part.

  13. I love your Fantail quilt. I love fantails and I understand how difficult it is to catch those twisty, twirly movements the fantails make! Your daughter did a great job! For the first few years we had our NZ house we used to get so many fantail in the garden and they used to come into the house (several at a time!) and sit on the curtain poles each end of our living room. I understand this is considered a bad omen by Maori but we were thrilled that they came in to see us.

  14. Wonderful postcard - either one, but I mean yours. I love the bird. I laugh when you speculate on YD as a quilter. One never knows. Your little tiny blocks look so cute sewn together.

  15. I love your use of little scraps.... it's going to be just lovely. do you make up your blocks as you go along?
    Pretty postcards.. they are fun to do and receive and I love your diary cover...

  16. It's the small things in life that matter... cute little birds, lovely lovely tiny 9 patches, meaningful postcards, and of course, small dogs!

  17. The book cover is gorgeous ♥

  18. Adorable book covering! I cannot imagine making all those little blocks--you have patience and courage--for sure!! I like how it's coming together...hugs, Julierose

  19. Those little birdies are sooo cute...won't be long now...she'll be a quilter!
    Great tip with the Omigosh blocks to use a weight, enjoy playing with those wee squares.

  20. Very sweet book cover and love those little blocks!
    Both post cards look beautiful!


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