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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Feeling —

I'm feeling a little behind at the moment; August has come, there was no OPAM finish for July nor a July OMG completion either. There has been plenty happening though —
Feeling the fun —
I pattern tested these two cute blocks for Juliet of TheTartankiwi... she's now running a QAL for this new Woodland series - click *here* if you want to find out more.
Feeling the love —
Our Australian family has just been out to New Zealand for a visit to celebrate our wee grandies' first birthday. My how they've grown; they're such lovely little girls - not that I'm biased of course.
We do have to share them with other family members so are always so pleased when they get to spend time on the farm.
Our son and Saydee.
Kaliah enjoyed having her hand sucked by the calves.
Let's explore! We'll try our best to make farmgirls of them!
Feeling pleased —
Part 10 of Mandala Madness completed - whew this part took a while!
Feeling the rain —

How a lot of our time is spent at the moment.
On this wet and cold day the neighbour had offered to help us,
not be the official photographer!
Feeling ready —
Yesterday I managed a sew day and prepped the next Anderson's Farm block. 

Feeling frustrated —
On the same day, I was having a fun time quilting...for some reason this part
fell off. When it's not inserted properly it feels like you are stitching
with a shovel, not a needle. Off to the fixit lady, shame, I was on a roll!
Feeling proud —
YD finished her dog jersey.
Considering the pattern was a weird one to follow, this turned out ok.
She's onto another, and is making up the pattern this time!
Feeling cold — off to heat up some soup and stoke up the fire :-)
Happy stitches, and thanks for stopping by,


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

So glad you got to see the babies on their first! So nice to see them I bet. Love you little animal blocks

Mystic Quilter said...

You have certainly had a mixture of things going on at your place. Lovely photo of the littlies, little honeys aren't they!
I love the photo of you all togged up with lovely muddy waterproofs - but not so pleasant, as you say, with the cold and rain we've been having.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I haven't had a finish in a couple of years...giggle. Love your critters.

Janet O. said...

Very fun post--great little paper pieced creatures. I saw them on Teresa's blog--the different fabrics people choose really change up the personalities of the little things. : )
Love the grandbabies!!
Rain and cold--what would that be like? I've forgotten.

Janet O. said...

Oops--forgot to say that your Mandala is AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

Hi my lovely friend,omg your grandies are gorgeous ,only seems like yesterday that they were born,and its great to see they are enjoying farm life too,your work is beautiful as always my friend,hope your day is a good one xx

Leeanne said...

Lots of feelings...........mostly happy ones by the look. Who couldn't smile at those beautiful granddaughters of yours....a year sure has flown by! I guess the blowout on the machine was not one of the happy feelings.

Julie said...

Gorgeous post Raewyn, gosh I cant believe those grandaughters are ONE already. How wonderful. Love all your pics ... but cant quite get over that LONG grass you are standing in. Please send some of it down to the Waikato !!!!!

KaHolly said...

Clever post, Raewyn! I enjoyed seeing the happenings in your little corner of the world. The twins can't be that big already!?! Gosh, they are adorable. Keep warm! XO

Michelle Ridgway said...

Happy big NUMBER ONE to your beautiful girls. Lovely family time. Your blocks are amazing! I adore your mandala too! Stay cosy xx


Wow they are a year old already--time flys!!
they are so cute--you are a lucky lady!!
love the 2 paperpieced blocks--too many pieces for me though!!
and all the other projects are coming along just great--
love and laughter, di

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Goodness, the little girls are one already! Love the pics of them exploring around the farm! And the 'woodland' blocks look very cute, did they take you long to piece?

Sue said...

The babies are gorgeous Raewyn. How lovely they came over to visit. You have alot more grass than us....we have alot of mud! Your mandela is amazing. I thought I had a lot of patience, but I think you take the prize!!
The pieced blocks look great, although I think I would rather applique. :-)

Fiona said...

awfully emotional your way!! haha... lovely post.. Those grandiegirls are just delightful, and those pieced blocks are amazing.... and as for your madala...beautiful....
Keep warm ... and dry...


marina said...

How great to have the girls in the farm especially now they can interact with the animals too.
Love your mandala, so amazing.
Judging by the pics the dog needs his looks very cosy.

Jenny said...

So cute - animal blocks and babies both!!!

kiwikid said...

Feeling happy after reading your post!! Love those animal blocks! Wonderful for you to see the grandies for their # 1 they loved the farm and the animals. The dogs jacket looks great, your YD did well!! Your mandala is looking fantastic!!

Sheila said...

Your granddaughters are gorgeous and I know you would have enjoyed that visit so much. The blocks you tested are really cute and the Mandala is just amazing!

Suz J said...

Those paper pieced blocks are so cute - very nice fabric choices! Wow, those babies are getting big - you will need to tell me how their names are pronounced next time I'm in the shop.

Anonymous said...

The chill sounds lovely to me right now, with close-to-100 (38) humid and sticky days. What a delight those two girls must be, so cute! I hope fixing your machine wasn't expensive. How odd to have a part fall off! The paper piecing looked so great. She makes great patterns and you obviously do them well.

Deb R said...

Looks like some lovely memories with the family< happy first birthday!!
Your Mandala is gorgeous !The woodland creatures are everywhere at the moment, love the paper piecing, sounds easier to me :)

Karen S said...

How lovely to have your gorgeous grandbabies with you for their first birthday. That would have been a very special time.Love the photos.
I like the blocks you pattern tested. Will you make more of these?
The mandala is growing beautifully.
I do hope you are able to quickly fix your machine part!

Dasha said...

Those grandee's are so cute! Love the one where she's having her little hand sucked by the calf.