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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pigs and Gifts

First of all the pigs - this week I completed another block for my Anderson's Farm Barge's Farm mystery button club. I'd missed out Block 3 when I was away on holiday so some catch up stitching was needed.
This block stretches the imagination just a little but is rather cute all the same.
Block 3 - Joyride!
Again I decided to do some needleturn rather than stitching so the big pig, off on a joyride, is in fabric.
Lynette has showed us an assembly diagram for what we have done so far so I sewed mine up too - here are all the blocks together; this is the half way point.

And on to the gifts.... last week I celebrated a birthday (another case of saying "where has the year gone"!).
I had to make my own cake this year, but I made sure it got a candle!
In amongst the lovely birthday fuss, I received a couple of gorgeous handmade gifts.
Kerryn put this together for me...such a sweet simple runner, one of those fancy ones you have peeking out over the edge of a shelf or ledge :-)
Isn't it beautiful?
{I think this style of runner was inspired by Pam Buda's Tucker *here* on a Heartspun Quilts; a sewalong last year}.
And Kerry knows how I like practical gifts too with this lovely set of kitchen goodness.
Pom-poms and ric-rac add to the yummy-ness :-)
Thank you both very much, Lovely Ladies.

Below is what happens when you train your husband up to do (one fingered) emails and check out facebook when you go away on holiday..... he saw this t-shirt advertised on facebook and decided I needed one!! Isn't he a thoughtful (and understanding) chap?!
Hehe very appropriate, do you think?!
And no birthday is complete without a bit of grandbaby time.... it was lovely to skype with my son and follow the babies/toddlers all around the house!!
Into everything. The chair was serving as an ineffective barrier...!
On the quilty front, this week I basted my two Fabulous Friday quilts - looks like I have a bit of quilting to do, doesn't it?
I am needing some long uninterrupted quilting time over the next little while, although I still haven't decided what I will do on them!
I hope you have a happy and creative weekend,
and thanks, as always, for reading along,


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your runner - and cute pigs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Raewyn,happy birthday my friend ,i love your quilt so far,lots of work in it and boy how cute are your Grandies.
How thoughtful of your lovely friends to send you such beautiful goodies,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

In stitches and seams said...

Love your quilts and little extras too. I would be right with you quilting with a mouse in a house I would quilt with you here and there I would quilt just about any where .... Would you ... could you Sam I am I got to look out for one of those tees Love it
in stitches

Julie said...

Hi Raewyn, your farm quilt is looking great. The buttons are just perfect. Your birthday gifts are pretty perfect too ... belated birthday wishes, I have recently celebrated another one too. Those grandies sure are growing fast !!!

Julie said...

Oh I forgot to say, I just LOVED that tee shirt your husband ordered for you. Just perfect for you.

Leeanne said...

Your farm is coming along nicely, love the Pig driving his 'wordy' tractor. Some lovely presents for another birthday, the Tee shirt is a hoot!

margaret said...

belated happy birthday to you, loving the tee shirt. Applique is lovely both the fabric pig and the one on the tractor looks very much in charge. Lovely presents too and the cake although small looks scrumptious. The icing on the cake as they say must have been the twins they grow so fast hope it will not be long before you are able to visit and have proper cuddles

Michelle Ridgway said...

Happy birthday Raewyn xxx .I love your T shirt and beautiful runner. Very cute piggies too. Your quilts will be lovely xx

marina said...

Happy birthday raewyn!
Great gifts and that t shirt is very clever lol
Loving your farm blocks so far, such a cute pig in tow.
Your little girls are growing!

Karen S said...

Happy birthday. Looks like you had a lovely time.
Your farm blocks are lovely and are looking great together.
I do hope you get some more sewing time for your quilts.

sigisart said...

Dear Raewyn,
happy, happy birthday!!! Lovely gifts you have got, I like the little table runner very much.
And your Pig Block´s looking very, very cute.
Have a good time and until soon.

Patty said...

happy birthday! love that teeshirt!

Janet O. said...

Happy birthday, my friend!
I have yet to try making a gluten free cake. Is it tricky?
Your farm mystery quilt is looking very cute.
And you received lovely gifts from friends and a very clever shirt from hubby. Love the parody of Dr. Suess.

Needled Mom said...

Those pigs are adorable! Your runner is beautiful too. Happy belated birthday.

Lin said...

Your blocks look great alltogether. Great gifts - including the T shirt! Happy Birthday. xx


Love your farm--how cute and about as cute as those grandbabies--
Happy Birthday--
love your gifts tooo--
love and laughter, di

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Happy birthday! You received such nice gifts! Love the t-shirt! Such cute pigs!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dear Raewyn!!!
Your FarmQuiltBlocks looks so nice and Hugo is the special one... ;)

kiwikid said...

Happy birthday Raewyn!! Yummy looking cake you made there. Thatbtabel runner is beautiful and your other present great too. Lovely to see the little girls growing. Your famr block is great too, love the tractor. Clever hubby you have, that is one fantastic t shirt!! Looking forward to seeing the quilting on your quilts, hope you have a great weekend.

Fiona said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday. chats with family is my favourite part of my birthday and I love the T shirt - Dr Seuss style quilting... perfect. Lovely sewing - the farm blocks look great and some gorgeous pressies you got too.

Happy Quilting....

Quiltdivajulie said...

Happy belated birthday!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday - seems you had a wonderful time. And what a clever hubby you have, to buy you a special quilty tee shirt. He is certainly well trained!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Happy Birthday Raewyn! and I love your t-shirt!

Mystic Quilter said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Lovely gifts - lucky lady!

Marlene said...

Happy Birthday for last week. Lovely gifts and what a great tee shirt. You farm quilt is looking great- love the pig block. Happy quilting.

Melody said...

Happy belated birthday. Your piggies are divine.

Rebecca in AK said...

A Happy but Belated a Birthday! Lovely gifts. Your farm quilt is so fun, love the pig driving the tractor! Your grandbabies are so cute!

Suz J said...

Happy birthday Raewyn! Looks like some great presents... LOVE that t-shirt. Takes a special man...

KaHolly said...

How did I miss this post? First of all, happy belated birthday to you! Looks like you had a good one, even if you did have to make your own cake! That t shirt is so appropriate! He's a keeper! Now, on to your lovely work! I'm loving those pigs! What a fun project! XO

Sharon @ OSEWDIVINE said...

Missed this post i have been quite absent from blogland lately, but a Very Happy Belated Birthday. Just love the tshirt hehe