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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Chickens and 9-patches

It feels like I have little to show for a week of crafting...I have finished two more blocks from the Button Club by Lynette Anderson, Anderson's Farm (aka Barge's Farm)
Meet Sydney -
-and his girls - 
The complete blocks - 
Block 2
A more glare-y photo which shows the (appropriately named) Hens and
Chicks block in the corner better.
Block 4
As you can see I'm using, mostly, fabrics from Lynette Anderson's ranges. Block 5 is now out so I've got more stitching to do :-)

Last week as I swooped and gathered some sad and abandoned scraps which had been unceremoniously dumped in a rubbish bin I was challenged - 
"What are you actually going to do with those, Raewyn?"
"Sew my 9-patches! What else?"
Right, GAME ON!
So I sewed up those scraps into my 3 ½" 9-patches....
And started playing with how they will go. The pattern I am using is Ring Cycles by Leesa Seigeles.
This is just a bit of a play...once I have more 9-patches made I'll be able to mix up the colours a lot more. There are triangles sewn between the 9-patches too so there will be lots of set in seams and fun and games getting it right but I am sure I am going to enjoy it a lot. You know me, I like a good challenge. (Yet) Another one of these long term projects!!!!
A closer look. I'm planning on using reproduction-style scraps for this project.
Who knows I may end up just making a runner. We'll see :-)

While I was scrapping, I leader-ended these smaller 9-patches (for another project). I do get asked about my sanity working with strips that are 1" wide but as you can see from the photo below I often work with wider strips and then cut them down when necessary. Just gives a little more wiggle room which I find makes the block more accurate..
...and trimmed.
Hopefully I'll squeeze a little more sewing into the day but the sun is shining and it's not too cold right now. I'd best get a few outside chores done first!
'till next time,
Happy creating,


  1. Hi Raewyn,boy i love your Lynette Anderson blocks,they look fantastic and what a great way to use your scraps up with your other blocks,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Cute Lynnette blocks with those buttons! Have fun with your 9 patch - I saw the episode of The Quilt Show which featured Lessa.

  3. Hi Raewyn, your chickens are just sooo gorgeous. Remind me of your real ones you have :-) Those 9 patch blocks are so tiny, you seem to manage the tiny ones very easily - they look great.

  4. chickens and rooster are delightful and fascinated with your nine patch project wow they are small would not like doing those y seams though best of luck

  5. Your poultry blocks had me grinning! So cute!
    Gathering scraps from the rubbish bin--girl, I LIKE your style! What self respecting mini maker can bear to see usable scraps tossed out?
    Ring cycles looks pretty intense--more power to you!
    Love the teeny 9-patches. I often make them in a similar manner when working with scraps.

  6. Oh my! I have only just re located your blog and I am so sorry I lost it. I loooove your rooster and the blocks. I am a Lynette fan as well but haven't embarked on this particular project. Hmmm lots of posts to catch up with now.

  7. Cute chooks raewyn. Great to see scraps used up a good challenge. Loving the appliqué

  8. Love your Barges farm Chooky blocks...beautiful! Wow tiny little blocks...clever girl!

  9. Oh the Barge's Farm blocks are looking sewwwww good... Love them..
    You do enjoy playing with tiny blocks Raewyn...enjoy!

  10. Fancy someone throwing those lovely fabric scraps in the rubbish bin, and then clever you retrieving them and turning them into such cute little blocks!!

  11. Sydney & his girls are delightful! Lovely applique.

  12. Fantastic stitching on your chicken blocks Raewyn... Love to read of your scrap adventures!

  13. Dear Raewyn,
    Sydney and the hens...just look fabulous. I sagged for a while with month 3, because I´vefirst choosen false fabrics...but now it´s going on...with the 3 and the 4 month...looking foreward to see the next block.
    Your blocks are so cute and lovely and...just the right fabrics :-))
    Many hugs

  14. Hello Reawyn,
    your Farm-Block looks awesome!!! So cute!!!
    Greetings from Germany,

  15. Those are tiny little 9-patches. I LOVE the chickens. Those are so sweet.

  16. I do love your chicken blocks - just gorgeous. xx

  17. your chicken blocks are so perfect and beautiful. a lot of fine work. and I love the way you are using up the smallest pieces for your 9 patches...

  18. Oh, my I love those chicken blocks! I really look forward to seeing them go together. These two are fabulous. And the scrap use is great - I went through my own garbage this morning for scraps left from the friend who spent a couple of days here. How could she throw away perfectly usable pieces like that? LOL I've already used some, too. Your tiny nines and the hexagon makes it look like things are going to be busy around your house.

  19. I love love those blocks you did of the chickens and rooster--soooo cute--I love farm quilts--so many cute characters to stitch and love on a farm!!
    love and laughter, di

  20. Lovely work on the farm quilt. It is looking great. And it looks like you are up to the challenge with those 9 patch blocks!! Lots to do.


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