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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Flying the New Zealand flag in Indiana

I often marvel about this wonderful creative quilting bloggy world I live in. I first 'met' Sharon when we were both doing a 365-day photo-a-day challenge. Then, in  2013, I met her for dinner at the Paducah quilt show. And now, I have spent time with her at her home in Indiana.

Sharon missed out on the Paducah show this year so I went out in sympathy and quilt shop-hopped with her on the first day I was there. We had a great old time, visiting about 6 shops and making a few purchases here and there (what happens in Indiana stays in Indiana, right?!)
Marie Webster's quilts.
Another day we visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art where an exhibition of Marie Webster's work was being held. Fabulous old quilts (Marie Webster lived from 1859 to 1956 and came to be considered 'one of the leading designers in the history of early 20th century quilt making'. See *this* link.)
We had a lovely time studying her quilts, and were amazed, intrigued and inspired by the work that went into them.
Beautiful baskets. Love that handle!
A baby quilt.
We marvelled at the borders/edges -
Well worth the visit!

While we were there we had a look at this fun exhibit - check out the wee figures holding the plate glass up!
These would have been 2-3 inches tall. Amazing!
Side view!!
Another display, another day, was this small one of Italian clothing and linen, made as part of a trousseau during the late 1800s.
Sharon was asked to photograph this collection before the family donated much of it to the museum. Sadly the maker died quite young, which is why the clothing is in such good condition.
The show and tell continued with Sharon pulling out all her quilts and flimsies....that went on deep into the night and was very enjoyable!
Sharon and a couple of her beautiful old quilts.
Hmm, now how to replicate that block....
Indiana is the place where I discovered what fun bird feeders are! Where I live in Northland, New Zealand, our winters are mild and plants keep growing all year round. There is always plenty for the birds to eat so we don't bother to feed them...maybe I'll have to change all that!
 Oh the joy of taking photos through a window at an awkward angle!
I even saw a Chipmunk - very exciting - I'm a cheap tourist to entertain - give me a camera and some critters to watch and I'll be happy!
And last, but not least, more quilty pleasures. Doniene is another bloggy friend I have met and stayed with (2013). Both of us were a little late with our Christmas mailing this year but look what arrived at Nashville for me.....
Not one - but two lovely small quilts :-)
Such a happy quilt, I know I'll find  place for
it somewhere
Beautiful handquilting :-) the first hand quilted piece I own!
Thank you so much Doniene! The other goodies in the parcel were much appreciated too (including the Pecan Praline cookies!!)
And that, my friends, is that! The adventures continue - where will I be popping up next time I wonder?
'till next time,
be creative,


  1. My, how you do get around. What adventures!
    Well, know that if you ever come to Utah, you have somewhere to stay, and critters to photograph out the windows. : )
    Lovely little quilts from Doniene. She is a sweetheart!

  2. Thanks Raeewyn for sharing your adventures. I love your photos of the wonderful old quilts. You will come back to NZ with memories that wiull last a lifetime.

  3. Hi Raewyn wow what a lovely time you had,those quilts are beautiful and your work is so beautiful,thankyou for sharing xx

  4. From the photo you and Sharon could be sisters! Looks like you are having a fantastic time here in the US. I would have loved to have seen the Marie Webster exhibit, such lovely quilts. And you got some lovely quilts in the mail too!

  5. what a great time you are having and linking up with bloggers is icing on the cake.

  6. Oh my! I am in love with those gorgeous quilts. What a fantastic time you are having. Loving following your adventures. Beautiful little quilts also xx

  7. Loving following your travels! Isn't it special to meet a blogging friend in person! Some beautiful quilts there!

  8. What a wonderful time you are having visiting friends , quilt shows ,attending a class with Pat Sloan and much much more.. It's fun to read about all your adventures.....

  9. how nice to have a special visit. Loved see marie's quilts. That sculpture is so fun and cool

  10. Dear Raewyn,
    what a lovely, lovely post concerning our little quilt world. It is so nice too see that patchwork and quilting and blogging overcomes oceans and people that would have never met, have such a good time together, getting friends.
    Lovely old quilts you have seen...your yourney is so exiting...enjoy every moment!!!
    Many hugs

  11. what a fun post - you are having a great time there...

  12. Oh my - what beautiful quilts! DOn't forget, the next time you're in the US, you'll be expected to fly that NZ flag from Maryland! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful trip.

  13. Wow, everyone will expect you to visit! But you are a special one and I see why! Lovely, lovely quilts every where!
    Hi to Joanne for me!

    Hugs from Texas!

  14. What a great post! You are so sweet. I am honored that you chose to come see Indiana and stay with me this trip. It was so much fun to spend more time with you and to show you some of our favorite places and things to do here in our city. Have fun on the rest of the journey. Say hi to Joanne and hug those babies for me.

  15. You look like you are having a great time. I would be like you if I saw a Chipmunk!!

  16. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful show and tell. There is so much to see and it is great to look at these lovely photos.
    And how special to be able to catch up with friends.

  17. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing the Marie Webster quilts. I've always loved them in photos, and never seen them in person. I have her Quilts : Their Story and How to Make Them and love what's in there and what she wrote. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts, and the friend's quilts, too. I hope you brought an empty suitcase with you!


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