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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stitching with friends (twice!)

Once again I am tied up with sneaky sewing at the moment so I'm just going to show this sneaky peek......
However I downed tools for Friday Night Sew In with others from around the globe, and tidied up a few of my leader-ender-scrap-busting-rainbow-scrap-challenge blocks.
February's colour for the so-scrappy challenge is brown (click *here* to get to the rainbow scrap challenge link up page), I have plenty of brown scraps so it didn't take me long to get these blocks prepped earlier in the month. I've decided to make 4 honeybucket stars of each colourway, join them like this.... and see what happens :-) 

So January's stars got the same treatment —
These blocks finish at 15" so I should get a decent sized quilt; perfect for some coziness :-)
I realised this week that this it the first virtual Friday night sewing I've been able to take part in - co-incidently, we've had family happenings every other FNSI and FNWF this year. Thank you Wendy for having us all along sewing with you.

I had another night sewing with friends earlier on this week..... got some 9-patches done... 
Busting more scraps
It was our Christmas get together for our local sewing group... yes, a little late but - you know how it is - December is always too busy, January is holiday time so February it was! 
We had a delicious shared meal (drool over roast chicken, salads, pav and fruit salad ♥) and exchanged our Christmas gifts, Secret Santa style.
I received this beautiful block holder from Leeanne
It's a great size...maybe I should be starting another project to put it to good use!
More yumminess on the back. I thought the little angels were holding
needles and thread but then realised they are fishing for the stars :-)
And sewn inside on the first page.... lovely saying. Leeanne reminded me I
had given her a panel with these sayings on it a few years ago!
I made for Barb.... here is my offering —
If you click on the photo you should get a better look at the
stitchery. (I should have taken a better photo).
French General fabrics, I knew Barb likes these!
It was a fun night (thank you ladies)!
Today is going to be a quilting day for me, all going according to plan, I'll be immersed in feathers!
'till next time, 
happy stitching,


  1. How clever to celebrate a late Christmas. Time to really enjoy with friends. Love your Rainbow Scrap challenge stars. I have joined that one and making 9 patches.

  2. What a lovely gift of a block holder, beautiful to look at and so handy. You have a lot of projects on the go Raewyn - like many of us I think!

  3. Beautiful presents given and received Raewyn....great to have your catch up in Feb, when things are a little more settled. Your star blocks are lovely, , seeing the pics you dont realise the size of them, I thought they were little blocks until you said they were 15 inches.

  4. Love the close up of your appliqué, can't wait to see the rest!
    Gorgeous Christmas presents. Very cute crazy quilt lady stitchery.
    Your scrappy stars look great.
    Happy quilting

  5. Lovely fabrics you are using in your secrect project..
    Those star blocks are great ..would love that pattern , is it available any where please?
    Sew nice to have Christmas in Febuary..beautiful gifts you made and received..

  6. I love your rainbow blocks. From what I can see your sneaky sewing looks gorgeous. Beautiful gifts given and received xx

  7. I like the idea of the large RSC blocks. Nice way to get a good sized quilt. (Yes, I just said I liked the idea of large blocks.) : )
    I wondered if Leeanne had made that for you when I saw it on her blog. Wonderful gift. Looks like the bag you made is a winner, too. Very fun stichery!

  8. What a pretty bag you made for Barb. Love the cheeky little face on the girl.

  9. Great to celebrate Christmas with quilting friends. Lovely gifts given and received. Wonderful brown blocks happening.

  10. Lots of activity happening in your sewing room and you have some wonderful results to show it!

  11. What great projects. Love that tote and block holder!

  12. What lovely gifts!
    I really like your stars - I've never seen them before. I may have to make one or two... 8)

  13. Looks like you had some good times this week in addition to making great Browns progress.

  14. Your browns are really wonderful and that label is super cute.

    The embroidery looks so nice and neat in your projects.

  15. liking the stars not seen this block before so off to check it out hopefully will find it on google what would we go without google I wonder. What a great way to keep made blocks I have a few 13" plastic boxes but think your gift is a much nicer idea, thinking cap is on. You also made some wonderful gifts

  16. Very nice indeed so many lovely projects xxx

  17. oh dear have been searching on line but cannot find anything about the honeybucket star block is it your own design?

  18. The block holder is a clever idea and so cute. Your blocks are great, and a nice big size. Keep up the good work!

  19. I love that block --I need to do something that is not paper piecing for the color of the month--so far I have 3 paper pieced ones going!!
    love all those projects you are working on--
    love and laughter, di

  20. Love your honey bucket stars. A new blocks to me! Do you think you could give me the dimensions so I could work out how to make them? Thank you!

  21. I really like the way you make these stars. Thank you for sharing ... :) Pat

  22. I love this star. I've not seen one done that way before.

  23. I love the star blocks, I don't think that I have ever seem them constructed that way before.

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  25. And I also love your stars and the colors you chose! And your applique in the sneaky photo is delicious!

  26. Love your honey bucket star blocks! Looks like a great block to use up some scraps!
    The Christmas gifts are so pretty, also.

  27. Lovely work with all your stitching. The scrappy stars are looking great. (I have started making some!) And the 9 patch pile is growing.
    The gift swaps are lovely. A wonderful block holder and a lovely bag. Beautiful work with your stitchery! And good luck with all your secret sewing.

  28. Dear Raewyn,
    your sneak preview looks lovely and the blocks from the friday night sew in are beautiful. You also got a lovely present but your´s is also very cute and generous.
    I´m also stitiching "Anderson´s Farm", few days ago I recieved the first letter from australia...;-)))
    Many hugs

  29. I really loveeeee you Sneaky peak! Great fabrics.


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