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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A half plus a half....

(Progress since my last post!)
A half -
 -plus a half -
- makes a Whole!
I managed to have a solid few days on my French General Trip Around The World over the weekend and I was surprised at how quickly it came together. It was fun to see the design emerging as I joined the rows :-)
Hopefully I have fixed all the little mis-sews I made while piecing the second half :-) BUT please, if you see something wrong please let me know!!
[Thank you to Leeann who found an oopsie for me! Just as well I wasn't too keen to get it basted for quilting :-)]

I had a couple of comments after my last post about my 'rows joined perfectly'... believe me, not all of them are, but I thought I would share a couple of technique photos which may be helpful for those who were wondering....
Each row was pressed in a different direction than the row before; and I marked
the direction with an arrow as I sewed each row.
That meant two seams nested (or snuggled) together. I made sure I sewed the
seam so that the upper seam allowance was facing the start of the seam.
That meant my pressser foot pushed the seam towards the bottom one, ie they
were well and truely snuggling (nested) together.
(So in this photo I sewed from Right to Left)
I didn't use many pins but I did make sure the seams met and nested properly;
my seam allowance wasn't always perfect so I did a bit of controlling with
my fine tipped scissors.
When I started this quilt I told myself that I wouldn't stress if the seams didn't meet up properly - I could really have driven myself mad making sure it was perfect!!
(hope that's of some use ♥)
Now to get some quilting happening!

We've had some beautiful days recently so I took my camera with me when I was doing my farm chores. You can click on the photos to see more detail :-)
I'm always inspired to make a 'many shades of brown' quilt at this time of the year,
love seeing all the colours of the calves.
And I enjoy taking scenic shots of calves feeding with a nice backdrop.
I particularly liked this photo with the contour of the paddocks giving a
different look.
We have started weaning the older calves but we are still waiting for 3 cows to calve so I'll be out on the farm for quite a while yet :-)
Thank you for reading along, I hope your week's going well,
happy creating,


  1. It is a lovely top, Raewyn!
    Great tips for assembly. I especially like the idea of drawing arrows on the row papers to note the direction to press the seams.
    And thanks for the visit to the calves! : )

  2. It looks fab. I cannot sew up that edge of the fabric, I sew up the other side - maybe you're left handed??! It's certainly one to be proud of.

  3. wow! your top looks amazing, the colours are gorgeous. Well done.
    lovely to go for a walk with you around the farm. such sweet calves.

  4. I love French General fabrics a lot. And this quilt has become such a beauty.

  5. the quilt looks great. Like you I snuggle the seams together, so much easier than pressing seams open. Good to see the calves feeding and looking so well, best of luck with the last 3.

  6. In the lower right corner, the pink row that is above the Red has a light green square sewn in by mistake ( it should be a pink)
    Love the quilt top. Love the look of the cows too, but glad I can't smell them!

    1. Opps just looked harder and there are two of the green checks in the row that should be red check (I called that pink before). They are both close to each other in the same corner area.

  7. Fabulous quilt! Wonderful pics of your little tips too!

  8. Fantastic finish with your quilt top. It is wonderful.
    Wow, Leeann has great eyes. It took me ages to work out where she spotted.
    Love the photos of your farm. It looks very green!

  9. Love your new quilt top, perfect for FG. Cute babies but I'm sure you're looking forward to them growing up.

  10. French General fabrics is one of my favorites--your quilt is beautiful. Ahh sweet baby calves bring back memories of growing up on a farm

  11. Your trip around the world is fantastic. I love the French General fabrics. It is so fun when you post pictures of life on the farm. I am so interested to see the cows and calves. They do look extra lovely against the beautiful backdrop! Thanks for sharing!

  12. A half plus a half makes one whole beautiful TATW quilt top! I love the French General fabrics and they are so perfect for this style of quilt. Seeing your quilt top makes me think about making one of my own. Well done.

  13. That looks amazing. There are so many seams to match.

  14. Fabulous finish with the flimsy... Leann has good eyes as I couldn't find a mistake or did you fix it ?
    Love seeing the photos of the cows and calves. Hmm you could make a mix brown quilt or black and white...

  15. Not sure which pictures make me smile the biggest :) the gorgeous quilt flimsy with all those little pieces or those darling calves .. .. .. I do love this time of the year with new life abound

  16. A lovely quilt and fabrics and a great view. Can't be bad ! :)

  17. Well done - it is gorgeous! It's like magic seeing it come together! What a beautiful farm you have :)

  18. I see them too and I bet it’s fixed already. :-) Love your fabrics. Not colors I would ever use……but now I’m not so sure!

  19. That is a beautiful earthy quilt, very clever lady!! Love your farm photos, the calves are adorable. Mind you anything in baby form is!!

  20. A lovely quilt! (if I recall, you said it was going in 'the shop', which one is that?) and great pics around the farm!

  21. Your trip around the world is fabulous!!! I've always wanted to make one - guess I best get at it, righto!!

    Loved seeing the calves - all are looking well. The paddocks are looking great!

    Blessings and hugs!

  22. Gosh your quilt looks amazing Raewyn, love the photo of it hanging on the line. It looks pretty darn perfect to my eye. Great photo of the calves ... they sure do enjoy the finer weather.

  23. Oh wow the quilt has come up a treat.. it looks amazing and thanks for the tips for the piecing.... I want to do a Granny Square one sometime and though the blocks won't be the size you have done the piecing ideas will help

  24. Awesome work and so lovely to look at...cant wait to see it quilted xxx

  25. Wow, what a lovely quilt! And nice photo's of the calves feeding and the nature!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  26. That's a great quilt. I rarely pin too. I find if the pieces are well ironed they tend to fit together nicely. I love cows so thank you for sharing the pics of them on your farm xx

  27. Beautiful quilt Raewyn!!!! Well done!! Thanks too for the info on getting the seams meeting well. Great ideas. Love the calf photos...they have such beautiful eyes...thanks for taking us ut on the farm.

  28. Is there anything as sweet as those calves? I bet sewing that half to the other half and having a whole was a great feeling. The quilt is beautiful! Good job.

  29. Dear Sweet Raewyn, your stitch work is amazing . . . If I lived close to you I would be willing to shovel calf poop in exchange for quilting lessons. I would be learning from the best!

  30. Love your quilt. What a colors!


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