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Saturday, July 18, 2015

One lonely star on Friday Night

I was pleased to see Wendy was hosting FNSI this week. I'd had nearly 2 weeks away from my beloved sewing machine so was looking forward to the opportunity to sew and craft with others from around the globe.
Friday morning dawned, YD, who'd been staying for a couple of days, went home and I entered The Palace ready to get, set, sew!!
But - and we have a BIG BUT here  - The Palace looked like a bomb had hit it.......I was sure it had been tidy at some stage but it certainly wasn't now. I knew I had a cutting table but couldn't find it. The easy option would have been to spend FNSI with hubby watching TV and doing some handwork but I took a deep breath and started cleaning, tidying, sorting.
There was the muddle on my sewing desk after clearing beautifully arranged blocks off the spare bed for YD's visit.
And even more muddle on my desk from when I shoved the original muddle over so YD could hook up to my printer.
YD finding a spot in the middle of the muddle.
There was the mess from when the cat failed in his acrobatic ventures and sent a couple of boxes and their contents flying.
There was the utter chaos on my cutting table from last minute sewing when I realised I had to leave home 2 days earlier than planned before visiting my son last week.
There was a pile of (mostly farm related) paperwork next to the computer that desperately needed attending to.
There was my spinning corner of the room to reorganise. The trouble with taking up a new hobby is that you need to store it somewhere.
Believe it or not, this is after this corner had been tidied!!
But I did myself proud and I have a functional Palace again - I found the cutting desk, my sewing desk and much much more! To be honest, by the time FNSI came round I was ready to move out of there :-) But as I'd found my machine I thought I should use it.
A break for a cuppa and a piece of YD's yummy fudge
(A quick aside...did you notice my new felt pincushion in the photo above?
Here is another picture of it showing the blue edging ...thank you Kerry for
this gorgeous gift!)
 And I'm happy to show off the ONE block I made for FNSI. [I had already done the cutting and made the flying geese - it was one of the projects the unacrobatic cat had tipped onto the floor.]
A clear floor for my star block.
A clear cutting table for my star block.
A clear sewing bench for my star block.
By then it really was time to move out and upstairs for some TV time with the MOML where I carried on with my travel crochet project. ED has requested a snuggly scarf, and I'm really enjoying this possum mix wool - so soft and light.
To visit other FNSI-ers and see what they all got up to click *here*. This is a great way to discover new blogs and meet new friends! Thank you again for hosting us Wendy :-)
See you next time, 
happy creating,


Maria said...

I understand about having chaos in your Palace, my Cave gets like it too. Well done on tiding it and doing your Star Block..
The possum wool is a pretty colour, will make a gorgeous scarf.
I see you had a lovely time in Aussie. Not only visiting your son but other bloggers too. Nice !!

Julie said...

Now that your sewing room is all tidy Raewyn .... perhaps you would like to come & do mine for me??!!! I cannot even see the carpet that I am sure is under there somewhere. Lovely star block & that wool you are knitting looks divine.

margaret said...

a tidy up is no fun but the end result is so worth it. I have to tidy daily as I stitch in the kitchen but the 2 spare bedrooms where most of my clutter is kept tend to get into a right mess, no cat fro me to blame either!
The block looks splendid

Leeanne said...

gosh you did get in a pickle is your creative space, i bet you are glad you have it sorted. Groovie wee pincushion from Kerry. Your new crochet project is pretty, a blanket perhaps?

kiwikid said...

Love the pin cushion!! Must feel like a hole new space for creating now!! Your star block is lovely too!! That wool is a really pretty colour...will be nice to wear!

KaHolly said...

Oh, my! Glad you got it all straightened out in time for a little FNSI! Am loving the warm, soft scarf! XO

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow! You did all that and sewed as well! Mine is like that a the moment your star block and that scarf is such gorgeous colour x

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You were busy .... Love the scarf xx

Anthea said...

A very entertaining post Raewyn... I am still laughing about the cat & it's efforts at re-decorating your room! Hilarious!

Janet O. said...

Sounds like your palace is a real work room, and that means it has to get cluttered. Wish I had a cat to give credit for some of my mess. : )
Doesn't it feel good when you get things in order again and the creativity can reign supreme?
Very pretty star block.

Lin said...

A productive time then Raewyn - glad you managed some sewing and crochet but it always feels good to have a tidy 'space' xx

Gina said...

I understand about the Palace. My room gets used as a dumping ground all the time. I think it's a way that hubby and the daughter have of avoiding putting things away. If they dump it on my cutting table then it's me who has to do the tidying up

sunny said...

Good for you for getting cleaned and organized! I just finished a major project, and need to put away several piles of 'stuff'. I love the color of yarn you're using!!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Ha-ha, your post made me laugh... it looks just like home! I too did a tidy up recently, it always feels so much better to be able to see a few clear surfaces occasionally!

Christine M said...

It always feels good to have a tidy up of your sewing room. One block is better than none. Your scarf is going to be lovely.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I think just cleaning up your sewing room would have been a good project for Friday Night Sew In! I missed it again this month! Maybe next I'll participate! Your star block looks perfect!

Claire said...

Hmm. Yes. Been there, done that. Messed up my sewing area while preparing for guests. Hidden projects hopelessly away. Takes forever to get back into sewing again. Nice you stuck to it. Visiting from FNSI.

Karen's Korner said...

I had an aerobic cat like that once and know what you mean. Happy sewing.

Karen S said...

Well done. I am impressed with you sticking to cleaning and sorting your palace. Worth it in the end.
Lovely work on the blocks and the wool looks really interesting with the possum fur mix.

Rosie said...

Great work on the tidy up! Always important to have a tidy space before we start work. Lovely blocks to show for all the effort of the clean up.

Fiona said...

haha... what happens when you are away from 'your palace' for a while!!!

Sharon said...

I think it is so brave of you to get in there and clean up a little. It's always tough when we'd rather be sewing. I love your little block making the rounds to the different areas. So cute!

Unknown said...

Good to see that our rooms are similarly close to overflowing...haha...I tried a token cleanup yesterday too...not sure it made a difference other than that I can see the area surrounding the keyboard... 'for now'!!!!!