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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cushions and my A-B-C

Two slightly more straight forward cushions this time!
I started these at retreat but ran out of fabric (I'd planned on making only one but decided 2 would be nice)...they didn't take very long to finish after re-visiting my local.
Even then I didn't get quite enough fabric for finishing the backs - sometimes life is so much easier when you do buy enough fabric... but then the opportunity for a bit of creative sewing doesn't happen - check out the backs!
Happily, the joy of making these as a gift far outweighed the guilt of impulse buying fabric when I really didn't need another project!
Thankfully, the joy of making these as a gift also outweighed the pain of sewing through my finger last night! I was zooming along on the homeward straight and glanced up to check out how much thread I had left---ouch! but it just went through the fleshy part! You can barely see the punctures this morning :-)

While I was stitching later last night (with a bandaid on my finger!) I realised it's been a while since I've shown my Country at Heart alphabet.
Here are my latest letters - 
Below are all the blocks I have stitched so far. This is a long term project but it is exciting to see that I am over halfway there!
You can see the fabric that I have, finally, decided to use to piece them together with, too. 
The Country at Heart Alphabet booklet is by Michelle Ridgeway of Rag-tag Stitchin' Designs. Lots of fun to stitch ♥
There's been more stitching going on over at Super Mom- No Cape...each Monday Sue is hosting an Embroidery and Stitching link party. She's also been generously sharing some of her vintage embroidery designs. This week I'm linking up with her, click *here* to see what everyone has been up to.
OK, I'd best carry on with my day, thank you all for visiting.
See you next time and happy creating,


  1. The cushions are wonderful and I love the alphabet.

  2. Beautiful cushions and stitching, except for the stitched finger tip... How awful; I know how it feels...
    Hope your finger will soon be back to normal again.


  3. Gosh that must have hurt :( You make some lovely things so it will make up for it :)

  4. 2 great projects the cushions are so different and i am sure will be greatly admired. Love the alphabet and now you are half way you are on the home run. Thought of you on sunday when they showed us a cow that had had quads a few months ago, they were letting them out into the spring sunshine for the first time, what a joy to see them chasing around,

  5. The cushions are great - very smart and I love the way that the backs are different. xx

  6. You did a great job on the cushions, I guess they will be appreciated very much!
    The letters are si lovely, I love the E most for the figure (the scary man of which I don't have a name at this moment).
    I hope your finger is alright by now, it must be very painful!
    Happy stitching (In the fabric, please, lol), Cisca

  7. Love the cushions, the backs are very creative! Your letters stitcheries are lovely, you are doing very well if this is a long term project!! I hope your finger is ok, I bet it was sore after being run over with the machine!!

  8. Awesome cushions! groovie backs. Your alphabet is looking fabulous.

  9. Really awesome cushions and I do love those stitcheries x

  10. Fab cushions Raewyn! Love all those great words on them.
    The stitcheries are cute, Michelle is such a clever designer

  11. Hello Raewyn, Oh you are fully into the alphabet and I love it. Your Country at Heart alphabet blocks are adorable and the fabric and cushions are so smart. I have a question for you . . . Where on earth do you find the time for farming and all of your amazing creations? You must never sleep, LOL.
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Connie :)

  12. Great job on the cushions! And I love your letter project. Michelle's designs are all so cute.

  13. Oh Dear and Ouch for you Raewyn, sewing through your finger!
    Really nice pillows and the gift recipient is sure to be happy!
    Love the alphabet you have been stitching too.

  14. Hello Raewyn! Ouch! I hope your finger is feeling better! Beautiful cushions though, so worth the pain! Love your alphabet... the stitching is exquisite! :) x

  15. Love these cushions Raewyn, I have been looking out for text fabrics to add to my stash. Dis you buy these at your "local"??

  16. Yikes--I have yet to sew through my finger, but my sis has done it before. That will be tender for a while!
    Your creative solution to the cushion backs look like it was meant to be. Nice job!
    Those little stitched letters are SO cute. Over halfway--that must feel good!!

  17. LOVE your cushions and how creative you got - but stitching through your finger? YIKES!!! Your stitching is just lovely, I must go check out that stitching party....

  18. wonderful cushions Raewyn.. aren't those fabrics great fun.... love your letters... they are fun...

  19. gorgeous cushions, the fabrics are wonderful.
    such beautiful stitched alphabet too.
    Oops and ouch sewing your finger!

  20. Great work with the cushions. A lovely gift!
    Hope that finger heals quickly. Sadly, too many of us have done that!
    Lots of lovely finishes with your alphabet. This pile is growing well!

  21. All I can say is Ouch! Always look where you are going! Love your alphabet stitcheries, they always look so detailed and perfect. And they look terrific with the fabrics you have pulled. Are you just sashing them? or something a bit more complicated?

  22. Ouch! I haven't ever done that and hope I never do.
    Love your pillow and the blocks are so cute.

  23. Those cushions are right up my ally...if you need a home for them just let me know, Your alphabet is very sweet too.

  24. Those cushions are so pretty! Whoever you're giving them to is going to love them!. And you are so right about sometimes not buying enough fabric leads to getting creative. I love your pillow backs.

    And I love your Country Alphabet too! It does look like it would be super fun to stitch.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last Monday's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back and helping to get the word out. The more people who know the more people can join in the fun, either by linking up too or by visiting all the great projects like yours that are being shared. Hugs!

  25. Those ABC's... just too gorgeous!

  26. I love your alphabet blocks, I really like alphabet quilts in any form but yours are really going to make a nice quilt...your cushions are very striking also...great work!!!

  27. Hi Raewyn, I've enjoyed catching up with your blog. Your retreat looked fantastic, what a beautiful spot to be. The cushions are gorgeous and I love your stitchery blocks too. You have lots of lovely projects on the go, I enjoyed seeing your knitting too, cute booties pattern.

  28. Ouch - I've sewn my finger before. So shocking isn't it? Glad yours wasn't so bad you had to go to the emergency room. I love your pillows! Love the fabrics and love the way you have sewn them up. Great impulse buy. And lovely, lovely stitchery. Keep going - you are more that half way done.

  29. Love you alfabeth, Raewyn and your cushions too; great with words :-) Hope your finger will be better fast and good luck with all stitching!

  30. I love your pillows - that fabric is amazing! x


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