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Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Cushion Challenge

This month I was photo bombed by a dog.
Oops, try again.
This month's fmq cushion challenge over at Quiltshopgal was to use designs by Christina Cameli.
Christina has a Craftsy class called The Secrets of Free Motion Quilting and has also written two books on free motion quilting. She also blogs at 'A few scraps'.
Christina has a fun and inspiring manner and I thoroughly enjoyed, and recommend, her Craftsy class. I used her latest book though as my inspiration for this month's cushion. Lucky me won the book from Lara's blog a few months back - thank you again Lara - you'll be pleased to hear it is now well thumbed!!
I started off just having a play with her designs on a scrap of my centre fabric - seen below with Christina's book. After last month's attempt at Hyperquilting (with Patsy Thompson) I decided to be a bit braver with my threads so wanted to choose something which would show up a little more than I usually use.
I wanted the main event of the cushion to be the centre, I used the Bower design... but decided to try starting it in the centre of the block so that it would radiate out in a bit of an orderly fashion. Usually I would start this in a corner and work across, up, down and all around and have a more random look.
 The first border was just squiggly wormy things and the outer border I sort of did a feather effect by stacking her Flourish design.
 My red thread matched a little too well but it has given great texture and of course lots of practise!
 As with last month I quilted the back pieces of the cushion, practising more of Christina's designs.
 And here is the finished cushion —
Quiltshopgal has a link up on her blog so we can visit the other cushion quilters - click *here*. This fmq challenge is on until the end of the year and anyone can join in... as well as a great opportunity to stretch oneself with the feed dogs down and a darning foot, there are also prizes, drawn randomly, for participants. Last month I was extremely lucky to win one of the draws and just this week my prize arrived in the post.
Thank you to Landauer Publishing for sponsoring this prize.
Thank you Darlene, this is a wonderful prize - the book is full of great ways to use thread - the back cover says the book is "a journey of thread, stitch and discovery"  - sounds good doesn't it?!

While I am writing this the MOML is on the roof sweeping the chimney... yes, Autumn is well and truly here. I think Autumn is one of my favourite seasons; I enjoy the cooler temperatures and the harvest...
Here are two 'favourite things about Autumn' photos  —
the first photo is for the MOML —
For about 5 nights in a row, he came in with a cap (or bucket) of field mushrooms.
I'm not a mushroom lover so he got to enjoy them all by himself!
 - the second photo is for me —
I'm a Feijoa fan. Finally our trees are starting to produce a decent crop. Yum yum.
Tomorrow, I'm off to retreat with a group of friends - we go every year about this time...yaay 3 days to sew and laugh and eat and sew.... always a fun time!  I still have a few last minute things to organise so had best get moving...
...see you next time, happy creating...


  1. Fantastic cushion! Your quilting really has gone in leaps and will have a lovely collection not only of cushions but quilting samples.
    No to the feijoa's thanks...............but yummy mushrooms!
    Happy retreat time :-)

  2. You made a beautiful quilted cushion. Looks like a book I should try to find--some really cool designs!
    DH loves mushrooms--I'll pass. But what in the world is a feijoa? Looks interesting!

  3. Your quilting on that cushion is fantastic. I love mushrooms and feijoa but chicken when it comes to FMQ so always admire it when it's done so well. Have a great time :)

  4. Gorgeous cushion - love the texture achieved with all that beautiful stitching. And the mushrooms! Yum! I love a mushroom tart with spinach or kale and bacon and Swiss make me yearn for fall already and it's just now spring here!!! xxx

  5. That pillow is just gorgeous Raewyn!!! I love how you did the Center.

  6. Ain't Life grand? Off to retreat, fall has arrived, and you've made the most beautiful cushion!!! Cushions are the answer. I'm trying to get a little more courageous with my FMQ, and it's not easy on a quilt. I'll be trying a cushion in the next few days. Enjoy Retreat!!

  7. Love love love your pillow ! and congrats for your win XXX

  8. Your cushion is just amazing! I love the quilting you did on it.

    Those mushrooms look great too.

  9. Brilliant quilting on your cushion Raewyn! What a role model you are for those of us who enroll in the classes, buy the books then do nothing. You put me to shame. From here on in I'm going to try to.. 'be more Raewyn'.... so if your ears start burning you know it's me reciting my new mantra. :o) Love those mushrooms and what a fruit that is. Never seen a Feioja before so had to look it up. It sounds delicious. Where did I get the idea that your MOML was your... Mother In Law. Was quite shocked to read that she was up on the roof sweeping the chimney. The penny did drop....eventually lol. xxx

  10. What amazing quilting!! Your cushion is just beautiful! :0)

  11. Lovely! using Bower coming out from the center, what a great idea!

  12. Absolutely beautiful use of quilting motifs Raewyn! You pillow is really beautiful and especially the center where you quilted Bower like that. I love Josie May's comment and it is true: you are an inspiration. And thank goodness MOML is not your mother-in-law, LOL. I bet he loves it that you call him that.

    1. PS - your photobombing dog cracked me up!

  13. Oh wow, your cushion is amazing... I love all the texture you got....

  14. Your quilting looks fabulous, have fun at the retreat...

  15. I need to get moving on my a stall at the moment................

  16. What a lovely quilted cushion! You may have inspired me to tackle more FMQ and possibly make room on my book shelves for the book! Enjoy your three day retreat.

  17. Your quilting is truly jaw-dropping - that is just gorgeous!!!

  18. Love your quilting... you certainly have got the fmq all beautifully sorted! Enjoy your retreat, look forward to seeing the pics!

  19. What a beautiful cushion and I love the centre panel. xx

  20. Love the cushion and the photo bombing dog!!! I hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat...I am envious of your feijoas.....when you find them in the shops here they are $1.00 each!!!! To think I used to sit under the neighbours trees and scoff as many as I could!!! Lol!!

  21. Stunning work with your cushion. So much detail and a lovely design.
    And look at all your own food from the garden and fields!

  22. Your quilting on the pillow is gorgeous.
    I don't like mushrooms either. Never seen the fruit before.


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