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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bags of Bags

With close family living overseas, Christmas sometimes stretches out for quite some time. Why post gifts when you can deliver them in person (even if it is a month after the event)? Happily most of our overseas family was able to get to NZ for our daughter's (fabulous) wedding.... now I can share the last of my Christmas sewing.
I made this knitting bag for my sister-in-law - a crazy crafter (I mean that in the best possible way).
Good old Kiwiana fabric :-)

I did enjoy making this bag and will definitely be making another one from this pattern - the see through front is such a good idea. Next time I'll make the odd alteration - I didn't like how the inside seams were finished with a zig zag so I'll organise myself better to bind those edges. Also both edges of the zip were sewn in differently, I'd like to try to nut out a way to alter that as well. (It was because of the see through insert so may not be easy to change).

It was nice to see it filled almost immediately with a knitting project.. I hope it continues to be of good service to her!

I mentioned a couple of times last year that Mum had visited and we were doing some secret sewing together.
I'm not the only crafter in the family to collect orphan and unfinished blocks ... Mum had a pile of embroidery blocks that didn't have a home; samples from classes she's taken or 'just because' projects.
She brought them up here and we sorted through them and did some thinking. Over several serious sewing sessions (try saying that at top speed!) we used them to create 8 very different bags for her grand-daughters.
We built each block up to a standard size patchwork style (sashings, filler blocks, etc).  All of the fabrics came from my stash (and some of the linings from Mum's) - it was amazing what we managed to find - gulp!!
Mum was a dab hand with the pins (and the iron) and I did all the sewing.
I took lots of photos after we'd finished the first half, but didn't take so many of the rest of them. You get the idea anyway!
Eight very different bags.
There was more fun deciding which bag was for who!
First batch modelled by Mum :-)
 And where would we be without our Mums? Full marks to mine for the stirling effort in the leadup to the wedding....a last minute wardrobe malfunction meant taking out the zip of a bridesmaid's dress and replacing it with lacing. No mean effort!
Mum planned and pinned. Every time I went back to the house, I had a seam to sew!
(Yes, had to take my machine out to the beach.. Wasn't planning on that!)
(She did the last of the hand sewing on the morning of the Big Day!)
I think that's about all for now :-) We have another fun weekend coming up so I'd best get packing for that! 
Thank you for visiting, and happy stitching


  1. Wow , what a wonderful marathon of sewing , the totes are all really lovely , so creative ! Nice to sew with your mom .

  2. Hi Raewyn,love seeing all your wonderful products and your mum is so sweet helping you,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  3. Oh, Raewyn, this was such a delightful post! I' so glad I stopped by. Your mom is the greatest. Those bags are just delightful and her smile just makes my heart sing.

  4. What lovely bags and a superb idea - and the Kiwiana fabric, not seen that one in the shops.
    Thank goodness for your Mum being on hand with the wardrobe malfunction - that lacing looks serious!!

  5. Loved reading this post too! Lovely for you and your Mum to sew together..the bags look wonderful! Your Mum looks like a lovely lady too...very nice smile!

  6. Love the knitting bag. Those designs are gorgeous and made even better in the project. Have a fun retreat.

  7. Great collection of projects. Love the knitting bag and especially the fabric. And what an amazing way to use all the orphan blocks. The two of you are very productive. Great that you get to work together, also.

  8. I love the bags you and your mum made. What a special time to be crafting together and a wonderful way to use those special embroideries. I bet the granddaughters treasure them.

  9. All gorgeous bags Raewyn ... a lovely momento to use up your mums embroideries & a special keepsake for the grandaughters.

  10. Wow the bags and knitting bag are lovely....and making lovely memories at the same time :)

  11. hi Raewyn,
    lovely bags and I like the photo of your mums hands while pinning the dress :-) and especially the Kiwiana fabris.
    A danish quilter has made a tutorial about how to sew a bag with window without visible seams around the window. It´s in danish, but the photos are international ;-) You can find her blog here Scroll down and you´ll find a picture of the bag named Fru Christof on the right side. Klick and sew :-)

    happy quilting

  12. That is a great bag you made for your SIL.
    And I love the bags you created with your Mum. Those will be treasures.
    So fun to read all your doings.
    Have a safe trip!

  13. Bag city! Cool presents! How did you decide who got what bag??

  14. You two make a fantastic team!
    what amazing bags. what did all the granddaughters think?
    well done.

  15. Amazing! Love all those bags Raewyn... very clever use of the orphan bits & pieces... Your Mum is the loveliest Bag Lady I've ever seen!

  16. I miss doing crafty sewy things with my mom--she passed in 1996!!
    so be sure to really cherish yours for me too--
    love all those projects--
    smiles, diandmissgracie

  17. Wow Raewyn you amaze me wonderful to have your mum to help those bags!. Bet they were appreciated too.

  18. How clever you both are! Love the bags. :-)

  19. Love the bags, Raewyn - what a great way to use and display orphan stitcheries, and how lovely to have such an enjoyable time crafting with your mum. I'll be in NZ next week - must look out for that fabric, lots of places there I've been to over the years.

  20. What a fabulous way to use up those spare blocks, a grand effort. Very clever sewing!

  21. All the bags are so beautiful. I love the photos with your Mum's hands working hard.

  22. Your mum and you did brilliantly, those bags look fab. Bet the grand daughters loved them too.

  23. Those bags you made with your beautiful Mum are treasures. And how lovely that you can get together and sew up a storm. You are very lucky :)

  24. Dear Raewyn,
    what a lovely idea to create 8 bags for the grand-dauthers. They are kept together because they all have the same size, but each of them is different as the 8 grand-dauthers are. Your mom looks so happy and lovely...many hugs to her too!!!!

  25. Sure looks like you and your Mum were kept busy, what a lovely family summer you have had ~

  26. Dear Raewyn,
    the bag you've made for your sister-in-law is great but he bags you've made with your mummy are fantastic. Lovely the to read about how busy you where. Enjoy every minute with your mum and tell her hello from me ☺

  27. using the orphan cross stitch blocks for the bags is a fabulous idea!!!

  28. Your Mum is a treasure ! Love the bags, what a great gift for the girls a little piece of you and your Mum.

  29. Love the see-into knitting bag! My all those bags with your Mum's blocks look fantastic! The blocks were lovely, then into bags, they just take my breath away! Your Mum is a darling :)


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