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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monkeys, Birds and a Hop!

There's been a bit of top secret activity in The Palace lately...
We were being invaded by critters but now that they have been re-homed I can share about them :-)

They started off looking very odd — take Dad's old socks, sew and stuff —
Is there hope?
Add a muzzle made from one of his favourite woolen jacket's/zip up cardigan — 
Printing got a little difficult ....
Next came dressing, using Dad's old shirts, lined with fruity fabric leftover from the quilt I made him.
Dressed and ready for a photo shoot
You cant quite see but they are also wearing lapel badges, little souvenirs Dad collected in his travels. One even needed mending - you can see the patch on his head!
Some fought a little when it was time to be bagged.
This guy tried to escape (several times).
 We've just had a family weekend at Mum's, marking (nearly) one year since Dad's passing with a headstone unveiling and scattering of ashes. It was special to be able to give each of the grandkids a "Pop Monkey". Even though they are all mostly in their 20s I think they really appreciated them and I hope they will treasure their little piece of their 'Pop'.
Off to his new home.
[FYI the tutorials I used for my Sock monkeys can be found here and here. The first one was very detailed but had too many pages to scroll through once I got the hang of what I was doing!]
FOOTNOTE - I meant to give Mum the credit for the great stuffing job she did while she was up over Christmas. Thanks, Mum :-)
We also had a sprinkling of Christmas over the weekend as my brother and sister were both here from overseas.
This is a belated present for my sister.
Table topper using hexie-flowers from NZ fabrics.
Something to remind them of home.
(Should have taken a full photo sorry, it's roughly the size of a
Had fun of course with some quilting!
This week SewCalGal launches 'A Year of Red and White Challenges', which is something I am excited to join up for. Click here to find out more about it.
She starts the series of challenges with a Bloghop to, hopefully, get the inspiration juices flowing. The hop is based around using EQ7 to have fun creating red and white quilt designs. I am sure that even if you don't have Electric Quilt software and are interested in the challenge, you will find them interesting.
Here is the schedule for the Bloghop —
 Monday, January 27th

Tuesday, January 28th

Wednesday, January 29th

Thursday, January 30th

Friday, January 31st
(that's me!)

As always, SewCalGal has got sponsors and prizes for this year's series of challenges - always a good encouragement to take part :-) And a great way to stretch yourself and learn/try something new!
Until then,
Happy Stitching everyone,
Have a great day,


  1. LOVE the monkeys and what a great gift for all the grandkids. Very special

  2. What a wonderful way to let the grandkids have a reminder of your Dad. You did a very good thing, Raewyn--and they are so stinkin' cute!! : )
    Love the little quilt you made for your sister. I'll bet she was thrilled!

  3. What a terrific idea to make the sock monkeys for the grandchildren , I know they will treasure them and thanks for the idea , I will have to ask mom if she still has some socks . I look forward to the red an white hop , that should be fun !

  4. Oh, Raewyn! My eyes filled with tears when I realized what these monkeys represented as I scrolled down through the pictures. They are just fabulous! I wish someone as clever as you had been around when my Pop passed away! A whole year gone by. Bless your heart.

  5. I bet the grandkids were over the moon with the 'pop sock' creations! Very cool......I like the photo of the ones on the printer, looks like you 'printed' multiple copies!
    gee good luck with all the challenges!

  6. Wow what a wonderful idea. I love those sock moneys. You sure are a very special Mum and Aunt. I enjoyed seeing what you had made with the hexis, a great gift for your sister

  7. They are gorgeous. What a fantastic way for your Pop to be remembered. Well done. I will check out Sewcalgal as I'm keen to make a red and white quilt this year.

  8. Oh, what a great idea! Those sock monkeys have so much personality. I'm sure they were greatly appreciated. Well done!

  9. Awesome!! Love those Pop Monkeys - what an absolutely grand idea!!

    Cute hexie quilt - you done good!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  10. Hi Raewyn, Great sock monkeys - I just love them :-) What a lovely idea to use up your Dads socks/ clothing & give them to the grandkids. Such a special memento. Your hexie table mat is just gorgeous too - I do love those native bird hexies you do. Happy week to you x0x

  11. The monkeys are cute - but the message behind them is beautiful. Hopefully you got to keep one yourself?

  12. Such a lovely post Raewyn, I think your sock monkeys are such are wonderful idea. I'm sure the grandchildren will treasure them whatever their age. Lovely hexies too!

  13. Love the gaggle of Monkeys....Sew Cute.
    Lovely table topper for your Sister.
    Enjoy your Red and White challenge.

  14. What a wonderful idea to make the Pop Monkeys. I am sure they will be treasured.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Loved the post Raewyn, the Pop monkeys are wonderful, great idea! Your table topper looks great and the Kiwi fabrics worked really well!

  17. I echo everyone else and think this is a wonderful idea the sock monkeys are delightful and I am sure they will be treasured.A nice time to give them too whilst sprinkling your fathers ashes, have to own up to still having Mum`s and we lost her in 2006.
    Hexie runner is very nice.
    Re the red and white I have very little red fabric, keep my eyes open for it but there is not much about but will enjoy folling what you are all doing

  18. Your dad would be so thrilled that you have put his stuff to such good use and I love the monkeys. It all brought a tear to my eyes. Such a clever and thoughtful idea and a great way to commemmorate a first

  19. what a touching memento for everyone to have. that is an amazing gift.
    Your sister's table topper is gorgeous!
    love your fancy quilting.

  20. Hello Reawyn,
    the monkeys are so funny, thank you for sharing the link. I want to make one too. Lovely gift for your daddy grandchildren.
    The flowergarden tabletopper ist beautiful and the quilting very wow!
    (bad english I know, but I just thought wow as I saw it *lol*)

  21. Dear Raewyn,
    what a lovely way to keep the father and grandfahter in mind. Such a heartwarming story...I´m not so really able to say what I want to say in english..made me smile, made me a little bit sad...

  22. Hi Raewyn,
    It's been a long time since I've had the time and energy to blog or read blogs or post comments. But your post is sure going to jump start my creative interest and hopefully get me quilting again. Anyway, your monkeys are so adorable and what a momento and tribute! My fav is the lone monkey in the tree. ;) Anyway, this post made me smile and I'll be back soon! ~calcquilter

  23. Your story made me smile, and then choke up, and then smile again. Such a wonderful way to be remembered, with the Pop Monkeys. You've made very special memories for the entire family, Raewyn.

  24. Very thoughtful and totally cool idea!

    BTW I tied replying to the emails you sent me the other day and they all bounced back. Vagueries of the interwebbies? Who knows.

  25. Those monkeys are adorable. They are extra special with the little clothes. Although I must admit they were quite funny looking without their faces!

  26. Oh my goodness! Look at all those monkeys! They're adorable! :0)

  27. Your monkeys are adorable, such a special and personal gift for your Dads grandchildren, bet you're the favourite auntie in your family!!

  28. So many cute Pop Monkeys! :)


  29. The idea and the monkeys themselves are just awesome - if I were a grandchild - no matter how old- i would treasure it. Such a wonderful story x

  30. I can assure you that each and every one of the grandkids loved their Pop Monkeys. Angus was so touched, he completely understood the significance of each piece you used. He said he would find a very special place to keep it. You can post a photo of MY Christmas present now too!!!!!!!! Because mine is gorgeous so you should show it off!

  31. Such a fabulous idea Raewyn! Love this cute little chimps!

  32. Such a fabulous idea Raewyn! Love this cute little chimps!


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