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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Able to share......

Today I am able to share a picture of the stocking I sent to Michell for our Santa Sack Swap- and it's just in time for One Christmas Item a Month (well I am a couple of days late, thank you Narelle for putting up with my tardiness).
I had fun making this with the foundation pieced bauble around the top - adapted from a mantelpiece runner pattern I found.
In a day or so we are allowed to open our pressies, if we wish, I'm still undecided and wondering if I might like to save mine for Christmas Day....
I can also share these little cuties that I have made this week - they are Pyramid Purses, a bit of a novelty really but I think they could be handy for something. Once I got the hang of the pattern they were fun to stitch up.

The other day while I was in town I had a bit of time to pop into The Bach. The last time I was there was in May and I shared photos of a large weaving being made for the community (see this post here). Visitors are welcome to sit down and join in, something I have wanted to do, but you know how it is, sometimes life gets in the way.
I was interested to see how it was shaping up....they are making progress but the woman I spoke to said there is still about 18months worth of work to go before it is finished!
They were on the blackand white checkerboard when I first visited.
You can see the design drawn onto the sheet behind the warp yarn, to use
as a guide.

It's been a while since I wandered and just took photos for the sake of it; this morning everything was looking fresh after an unexpected downpour yesterday afternoon. (63 mls of rain just came out of nowhere - that's well over 2 inches and is most welcome at this time of the year). So I took my camera with me when I went out to collect the mail and took these photos.
Looking down the driveway towards the road.
The Flax flowers are open and the bees were busy.
Cute wee Cherry Guava flowers.
Red Hot Poker. You can almost see the raindrops still on it!
Ahh, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Thanks for visiting and reading along. I hope all your festive preparations are going well :->
And, if you get a chance, Happy Stitching,


  1. lovely pics Raewyn,love that stocking,have a lovely day.xx

  2. Cute stocking--and I love the little bags!
    Did you not even take one little stitch (if you call weaving a stitch)? : )
    What pretty sites on the way to your mailbox!

  3. I'm sure Michell was very pleased to get that cute stocking - love the Ho Ho fabric and the paper pieced bauble finishes off nicely.
    I've made those bags, too. I know them as humbug bags though pyramid is definitely more descriptive.
    That weaving is awesome! So did you sit down and do some. That's really neat they invite visitors to participate.
    I always enjoy your nature photos!

  4. Cute stocking & pouch thingies. Gee the farm is looking happy after the rain, you know we never got any of that rain?
    The weaving looks inviting.

  5. Hi Raewyn, love that stocking & those little purses. I remember your first post about the weaving :-) Gosh I envy you that rain downpour - we are getting very dry here, dark sky this morning but not even a drop. Your garden pics are great :-)

  6. It looks solo let and green over there.....please send us some rain too. Lovely work on the stocking, and the little purses are so cute.

  7. Lovely stocking....hope Santa fills it up to the brim. Love all your photos from your wander. Beautiful xx

  8. Such a cute stocking. I cannot believe how large that loom

  9. great stocking and love the purses, I have made quite a few humbug cushions like this, will now be putting zips in like you and having a go at the purses.

    The rain certainly came down that is a loot in one hour, just as well it stopped then or you could have been flooded.

  10. Love that expression Raewyn and it does leave you with a deep satisfied sigh. It looks so beautiful. Great post.x

  11. That's a great stocking. And all these little purses, absolutely beautiful. I'm sure you will put them to good use.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the weaving event and the surroundings.

  12. What a gorgeous stocking Raewyn, lovely embellishments at the top. You have been busy lately - much happening in your family!
    Love those little Christmas deco's back there from your mystery Santa

  13. Very pretty stocking. I bet the garden enjoyed the rain - loved the camera tour. Love Leanne

  14. lovely landscape photos.
    you have been busy sewing some very nice gifts.

  15. Love the stocking and the little bags , I use one of those each week for my scissors ,thimble and needles when I go hand quilting , handy little things . Loved your photos , everything so lush and green and such unique flowers !

  16. Are we getting the xmas hat version of your profile picture this year? It's my favourite. Particularly love the triangle bags - and the green fabric with the circle flowers... although fabric diet... yada yada... don't need anyone leading me astray (after all, I'm easily led)

  17. fun sock exchange and beautiful photos some years ago my parents went to NZ on a weaving tour, my mother was a weaver, I wonder if they went to that studio?? I'll never know. Thanks for sharing

  18. Are you one of Santa's little secret helpers Raewyn - lovely gifts you've made this week!!!!

    Next time I'm up North I would love to visit The Bach and see this magnificent work in progress - a beautiful design for Whangarei.

    The driveway looks so pretty and peaceful - this would make a great monthly shot as the seasons progress!

    Christmas HUGS

  19. That tapestry is amazing! I've never visited The Bach, so I think I'm going to have to make an effort. I love your little purses - I think they'd make great sewing kits. And your place is looking lovely this summer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - have a safe and happy one!

  20. Lovely post Raewyn, it's always nice seeing glimpses of your farm! The stocking and little bags are gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Wendy xx


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