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Monday, March 25, 2013

Conquering Pieces of Time...

Photo from Lori Smith's website.
....block by block.

Pieces of Time by Lori Smith (From my heart to your hands) is the quilt my online group and I are making as a BOM. Last time I reported on it, I had done my first appliqué block using the invisible machine appliqué method. I was taking deep breaths as the next scheduled appliqué block was a Nasty one.

I can now report that I have completed it!!
I was very concerned about all those tight deep curves and wiggly bits but in the end patience paid off and I am able to tick it off the list. I did the previous appliqué block with freezer paper which I removed through the back. For this one though Joan sent me some washaway solvy 'stuff' to try. (I used it with glue rather than the iron I used for the freezer paper technique). It means I can just rinse the block and the inner will be gone, without having to pick freezer paper out of all the nooks and crannies. Interesting stuff - I would be interested to know other people's experiences with this product....

And my recent conquest in this project is this one -
Bird's Nest
It is 7 1/2 inches finished so the smaller squares and setting triangles are quite tiny. It was a challenge at times making sure bits matched up but it did finish at the right size and it's not too messy so I am quite pleased!!
It's always fun to see a pile of these turn into a block!
I've realised too that I haven't shown this picture of a cushion I finished recently.
It's a Gail Pan design (I just love her work!) and it was a joy to make.
Cosy Home Cushion by Gail Pan Designs.
I used a Cottage Garden thread for the stitchery. I love these threads,
they have a beautiful effect.
And following on from my last post - I hope you all managed to get some extra quilty-things done over last weekend for International Quilting Day. I enjoyed some of the free shows offered by The Quilt Show... always hard to decide which one to watch first though! And fun to join in with SewCalGals' virtual sew-cial to see what others got up to.  Lesley on shared a sweet doorhanger pattern - here is my version.
It was a door hanger but as our doors have big knobbly knobs, I decided it would look cute on this little hanger.
Oh so true!
Now, this quilter is going to get back to some quilting - have a happy week everyone, and thank you, as always, for visiting, Happy creating to you all,


  1. Oh your applique block is so gorgeous! So smooth and pretty. Great job!! That wash-away solvy sounds like a great idea...

  2. Wow - you're working on some complicated projects! They're beautiful. I really love the Gail Pan stitchery!!

  3. My goodness, you have been so very're much braver than I with with that wonderful quilt underway. My favourite item you have shared though Raewyn is your lovely Gail Pan design - love her works too - but again, your knack with colour has made her pattern look a million dollars! Love, love, love the reds!

  4. Your applique is beautiful , interesting the way you did it , I am not familiar with this product but it sounds worth checking out. Love your Gail Pan design too , gorgeous and the little "Quilter at Work is so cute,I did print that off as I thought it would be fun to do and I love your version .Lovely work as always!

  5. I think you did a fabulous job on your applique block. I have heard of that wash away stuff but have never tried it.
    I saved the pattern for the doorknob hanger. I like yours.

  6. Your block looks very professional, you have been busy with lot's of cute projects, the door hanger is a great idea, do you think it will work to keep 4 hungry teenagers off my back?

  7. Oh my that block looked way scary - wacko to you for doing it and doing a beautiful job!
    Love leanne

  8. I adore everything you have made. Your curvy needle turn is inspiring.

  9. Nicely done! Hope to see you soon, but probably not next weekend unless it's for just a few minutes. Deadline looming.

  10. your applique block pieced block are amazing, so perfect and neat, well done.
    love your cushion too.
    enjoy your quilting!

  11. Great stitching Raewyn I think you can take on anything and do it well.

  12. Super job on your lovely applique block. Well done. Lots of other lovely stitching as well.

  13. wow such beautiful work,well done.xx

  14. Hi Raewyn, gosh those blocks are beautiful & so detailed, you are so clever with the fiddly stuff :-)
    But oh, I adore that cushion you have made - what a beautiful pattern & I love the variegated thread you have used. Julie :-)

  15. The applique block looks wonderful!! Good for you!!
    All your quilting is amazing as always.

  16. Wow that is going to be an amazing quilt. Your applique & piecing is always top notch work.
    Glad you got some stuff made too!

  17. You will be expert at applique by the time you finish this quilt! Your cushion is beautiful, I love Gail Pan designs too and such a cute little wallhanging! You're getting lots accomplished.

  18. You did a beautiful job on your applique. I've never tried either of those methods. Whatever you did here, you did it right. I enlarged the photo and marveled at how nice it looks.
    And I love that pieced block. Great work!
    That cushion is so sweet. Very cute, and more quality work.
    That is a cute door hanger, too. Everything is so well done, girl!

  19. Your block is gorgeous, Raewyn, done on the sewing machine, how marvellous! The whole quilt is marvellous, too. I love your (door) hanger and the cussion is so nice!!!
    You've been very busy!
    Happy creating, Cisca

  20. Fantastischer Block!!!!!

  21. Lovely work. I like the cushio most of all.

  22. You have stitched sew many beautiful projects.
    Just love your applique block and no I have never used salvy.

  23. I like the wire hanger idea for your "Quilter at Work" door hanger. Glad you enjoyed the project.

  24. Wonderful blocks (the applique one looks so lovely and neat!) and perfect cosy cushion!


  25. Lovely projects, that is a huge applique work you have underway there, good on you!


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