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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friends near and far

Sharing lovely things - and lovely people.

A special person is leaving our local sewing group so (as quilters do!) we got together to make her something special.
We each made a block in a fabric range (by Lynette Anderson) that she loves.
The lovely Leeanne (one of our group) from quiltmekiwi quilted it for us.
 Last night we gave it to her. She was so happy :-)
Click on the photo to see a slightly larger view.

All the blocks were so special and meaningful. I didn't think to take close-up photos of them all, sorry.
This is the block I made.
It is from a pattern by Lyn Hyland of L'il Blokes.
You may have noticed the centre block became a signature block. The clever Leeanne pulled this off well. 

 We'll miss you our friend, but hope you will think of us when you see this quilt!
EDIT; Leeanne's just posted pictures of all the blocks. See them here.

I've also been on the receiving end of some lovely, thoughtful homemade gifts lately. Closest to home, my YD has made me this gorgeous bear......
I've called him Albert :-)
(And ED gave me the cute wee Gardening Fairy).
He lives in my sewing cave.
Can you see the cute doily he is sitting on?
Cat sent it to me!!! Along with the soap Albert is holding. Such a sweet lady. I've followed Cat's crochet journey over the last year or more (she even "hooked around Europe" [her words!]) so it is nice to have this piece.
Thank you Cat for your thoughtfulness.
And the soap smells gorgeous.

More kindness came my way earlier this week! The kind Donna (no blog) sent me this gorgeous little wall hanging all the way from the USA. She told me she was thinking of my family and I while she was busy sewing Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street. She put together this from the leftovers from it. Isn't she lovely?
Thank you kind Donna.
I'm constantly overwhelmed by people's thoughtfulness.Thank you all!
Happy sewing every-one,


  1. What a lovely quilt you gave your friend xxx

  2. Your block is sooooo cute!! Sweet gifts from your sweet friends!!


  3. The quilt is beautiful! Your friend is a lucky lady to be receiving such a thoughtful gift. Your block is too cute!

  4. Just came from Leeanne's post so I saw all of the blocks on the lovely gift you ladies made for your friend. And you have been on the receiving end of some lovelies, as well! : )

  5. The quilt you all made is beautiful, love the colours and different blocks. Lovely gifts too.

  6. Lovely quilt you gave your friend - I bet she is sad to be moving on.
    Love Leanne

  7. That really is a lovely quilt for your friend. I do love the block you did Raewyn. You do such excellent work.

  8. What a wonderful thing to do. Love the quilt!

  9. Beautiful quilt for your friend , such a perfect gift to remember her friends,I love your block.Lovely gifts you received as well:-)

  10. Your friend will have such a lovely memory to take with her from you all.
    Such sweet gifts for you Raewyn.
    Hugs x

  11. The quilt turned out good, we did good girl!
    look at all your cute goodies. Nice to think folks are thinking of you. I like the arty draped tape measure, it reminds me of that special friend that is leaving!

  12. It's a lovely quilt - I saw it on Leeanne's blog too. And your wee gifts are so special, especially your cute teddy who can keep you company.

  13. Lovely block you made Raewyn and the finished quilt looks fabulous. What a beautiful gift to give that 'special person' to remind her of all of her friends (as if she'd forget!)
    Albert is gorgeous! He and his little fairy friend will make you smile every time you look at them. Beautiful gifts from Cat and Donna too..... so thoughtful.

  14. Lovely quilt to give your friend that is departing. It's so wonderful to make a gift for her. She will remember you and the others every time she looks at that darling quilt.

    Thanks for showing my little mini quilt to you! It looks good on your blog site! Take care and get some sewing done today.

  15. That is a beautiful quilt your group made for your friend, she will be thrilled I'm sure. Lovely things for you too, enjoy your special gifts....


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