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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Night Sew In and a Surprise Quilt

Again this month I took advantage of the excuse to sew in the evening and joined in with  Heidi and Bobbi for the Friday Night Sew In... I do sew most evenings but it is usually some hand stitching in front of the telly, interrupted by milo making, pets and dishes. Last night I decided to have a lock down in my cave and have a good session of machine sewing. I told my family I was sewing from 8-10 pm; as I also said it was a bloggy thing, they left me well alone (well nearly!).
I was keen to make some progress on my Hop To It quilt. I still have one more appliqué (by hand)  block to do but there's also a lot of machine sewing to do with the sashings, borders, etc.
8 pm. An appliqué block and a pile of cut quarter square triangles waiting for action.
9pm. Progress being made.
Just after 10pm-calling it a night- lots of sewing, pressing and trimming done.
I joined one length of sashing to a block to give me an idea of
how they will look.
 It has taken me a while to decide which fabrics to use  for these sashings. The pattern suggested rusts, oranges, reds and purple but I wasn't happy with how the ones I had collected looked.I then decided to make it really scrappy with all the leftovers from the appliqués. That didn't work for me either; so I took out all the light fabrics and used just the brown shades, green and reds and I'm pleased with their look. Now that I've made a decent start on it I'm hoping it wont take me long to get them all together.

A group of friends had a fun start to the day this morning with a surprise morning tea for a friend of ours who has a special '0' birthday this coming week.
We each made her a block which we put together in a quilt for her. Many, but not all, of the blocks came out  of the Some Kind Of Wonderful book by Anni Downs.
Happy Birthday Aurely!!
Don't you just love the setting the girls came up with? We used the Putting on the Ritz range by Bunny Hill and the addition of the green really makes it sing.
Leeanne (Quiltmekiwi) did the fabulous quilting. My block is
 the Angel on the moon -top left.
 It was a fun surprise and she loved it!  For lots more photos visit Leeanne's blog.

And another nice surprise - for me this time - I came home to see that my YD had assembled my new bookcase for me - the next stage of my cave makeover! It's actually has deeper shelves than a normal bookcase so it is perfect for my magazines. 25 years of magazines got to go somewhere!!
The bookcase fits in the wardrobe in my cave so I can close
 the doors and not be embarrassed by all the mags I have!!
As you can see, my weekend has got off to a great start!! I am hoping for more creativity this weekend so watch this space!!
Hope you all have a happy weekend too, thank you for stopping by,


  1. So much eye candy on your post! Your block is beautiful and the border colours look perfect. I love the quilt for your friend, such a special gift, and your bookcase is great.

  2. I see plenty more magazine buying in your future - there's more space to fill! Love, love, love your applique block, yet another pattern to add to that never ending list. Oh, and lucky old Aurely, well, not really old... you know what I mean :0)

  3. Wonderfull block, Raewyn, and your bookcase is veryhandy, with much more space to buy plenty of magazines.
    What a lovely quilt you all made for your friend, and with the stunning quiltwork of Leeanne.
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  4. I think your sashing is perfect with this lovely block. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Mmmmm yummy Hop to it blocks.....your sewing table looks great!
    Hey that was good you stayed at the shop a bit longer, as YD did put the book shelf together.....tehe!

  6. the applique block is beautiful, the borders compliment it lovely.
    And your magazines, I won't show my bookcase *U*
    But this is a nice solution, the doors LOL.

  7. Next time my husband says I have too many magazines I shall show him your blog. The shelves look good and what a clever idea to shut them away. I think I need to rethink my sewing room. Lovely stitching as always Raewyn.

  8. Love the fabrics you have chosen for your border. Look forward toi seeing it finished...
    What a gorgeous quilt for your friends special "0" birthday.
    Nice bookcase!!!!

  9. Your block is stunning! Thanks for sharing the pics of your friend's quilt...what a beauty! Guess you are a quilt magazinaholic like your new shelves!

  10. Love your block colour choices - Again!!! Your friends quilt is gorgeous - I have a bit ''0'' birthday in a couple of weeks....please feel free ;-) oh, and for 25 years, your magazine stash is nothing to be ashamed of!!!

  11. I love everything!!! Great post, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you've done!

  12. Fun all the way around! You're further on your Hop to it than I am. I like the colors you chose. And I envy you your storage space in your cave!

  13. Very productive and such a beautiful block! The quilt for Leeann is really nice, love the Angel on the Moon.

  14. I bet your friend was thrilled with the quilt.
    Love your block and colour change perfect!
    Love Leanne

  15. You made some wonderful progress on your quilt and those sashings are amazing! What a beautiful quilt you gals made for your friend ,she must have been really happy . I have a lot of magazines too , think it goes with the rest of the addiction ;-)

  16. What a wonderful quilt! Just seeing her with the quilt in the photo - you ladies did an amazing job!!! Love your blocks/sashing for the hop to it!! Great color choice! I too sometimes struggle with setting fabrics! Or even sometimes with fabric placement within a block!

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!

  17. great things for fnsi! i love the quilt block and think the colours you have chosen are perfect.

  18. Love your block and very impressed with the book case...didnt need you afer all or did she secretly have another pair of hands helping!!!!
    Well done on the photography, Aurely and the quilt look lovely.

  19. hi raewyn, your block is really lovely ,look forward to seeing it finished, and the quilt is gorgeous too! was she surprised? Yes, sometimes you need to lock your self away in your cave to get stuff done. I know i do sometimes...actually i could just stay there all day quite happily if i had my way! I would sure get heaps done! sue~nz

  20. You decided on the perfect colors for your sashing! What a wonderful bday gift for your friend - it's just precious.
    Nice shelves for your magazines!

  21. Raewyn... you Hop To It block is absolutely gorgeous! The colours are just perfect. Now I really can't wait to see more of it. The Birthday quilt is wonderful... a really thoughtful gift. Lucky girl to have such good friends. As for your magazines... if you've got em... flaunt em!! ;o)

  22. Your hop to it block is wonderful and so is the sashing. I am picking up my hop to it quilt from the quilter this friday.
    How nice of your daughter to fix up your cabinet.

  23. -what a wonderful surprice, lovely quilt! And your stash of magszines is great ☺


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