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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bright and busy on Friday Night

Friday Night Sew In snuck up and took me by surprise this month but I happily took advantage of the excuse to sew.
And it's a new project too :-) (How many new projects does Raewyn have - please don't ask!)
After an hour's sewing on FNSI
I am a fan of Kim Diehl's books and have a few in my collection - however I never thought that the first of her projects I would do would be a radical swerve from the original! So instead of country and homey this latest quilt is bright and busy!
I suddenly had inspiration for the quilt I have been wanting to make for Dad recently. Some of you will know he is a real Fruit and Nut man and I have been collecting the odd fruit and nut fabric as I have seen it. I know he likes bright colours but because of his failing eyesight I wanted to make something pretty simple.
So in walks Kim Diehl's latest book, Simple Charm, and the lapquilt Snow in Summer is perfect.
Snow in Summer, from Simple Charm by Kim Diehl.
Here it is in Dad's fabrics, so far, (after a bit more sewing on Friday night and a little on Saturday) —
Roughly laid out in no particular order.
Close up of some of the fabrics. I only chose fruits that Dad grows.
I came to a stall after running out of fruit fabric but I will have that sorted soon - I would like to have it finished by Fathers' Day on September 2nd so I need to remain focussed.
Many thanks to Bobbi and Heidi for hosting FNSI; it is lovely to have an excuse to sew (actually the MOML would probably suggest I don't need one!).
Happy sewing and happy weekend everyone,


  1. GreaT idea for the fruit fabrics
    Looking good

  2. That will be a fabulous quilt for your Dad. Love the fabrics you are using...

  3. What a great idea for a quilt, and I'm sure you'll have it done on time;o) as long as you don't start any more new projects!

  4. Your Dad will love it. I won't count your new projects so long as you don't count mine!!!

  5. What a lovely idea. Your dad will like it very much.

  6. Oh My Raewyn! That is awesome. Your father will absolutely love this.

  7. Such a fun idea for a gift for your dad. It looks great!

  8. It's looking fantastic Raewyn, your Dad will love it...... who doesn't love a new project though? lol

  9. That's going to be a fun quilt once it's finished.

  10. You have a great selection of fruity fabrics.I think your dad will love it!

  11. I'm glad to see you starting a new project, I seem to keep adding more to my list too! The quilt is looking great.

  12. Fab idea for a quilt for your dad!
    Love Leanne

  13. Looking great Raewyn. Your Dad will just love the theme and of course the thought you have put into planning the quilt.

  14. love that quilt and your version with all the fruit fabrics is so much fun. YOur dad will love it.

  15. Great fabrics and perfect for your Dad!


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