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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tulle and Feathers - April FMQ

It sounds a bit like a recipe for a wedding dress doesn't it?
Here's my report on the April FMQ Challenge, being run by SewCalGal.
This month's tutorial by Don Linn (see it on SewCalGal's blog) demonstrated a method of transferring quilting designs using tulle.
I've been able to use the technique to help me with a quilt I am currently working on.
Firstly I drew up a design to fit the space I will eventually quilt. I used a Flexi-curve to get a nicely flowing spine shape, then free-hand drew the plumes.
I taped tulle over the design and used a sharpie to draw it onto the tulle. Don tells us to use a hoop to keep the tulle nice and taut but I don't have one on hand that is big enough so I used my trusty masking tape to tape the design and tulle to my desk.

Drawn design, tulle and Sharpie
Then I pinned my tulle to the fabric and used a Clover blue marker to go over the design, transferring it to the fabric.

Removing tulle from fabric. The design came through pretty well. I went over
it in the odd spot. Pleased with how the little plumes at the top end came out.
Next step - sew it!! The photo below shows my Raewyn-version-cheap-as slippery slider. I've taped my applique mats to my sewing table to help with moving my quilt around (yes, used my trusty masking tape again!) (If you don't tape it on you are likely to sew it to your work (does that sound like the voice of experience to you?!). It also shows the mini-tutorial on bump-bump feathers which I printed off Joanne's blog (Threadhead) and pinned it to the wall to remind me which way to go. I haven't tried many feathers yet so thought I would give this method a try.[Thanks Joanne, I find your mini-tutes and notes very handy :-)] [Isn't blogland great?]

You can also see the foot on my machine. I suddenly realised that all this time I have had this machine and thought I was using the BSR function that I wasn't!!! I had it plugged in but not turned on! SO now I'm using the foot without the bulky BSR mechanism on it!! (Sorry about the overload of exclamation marks but I am such a GOOF!)

Here is the end result -
I enjoyed this method - I see it as another technique to put in the tool box. Regular readers may remember that I used it recently to transfer stitchery designs.Next hurdle is to put these feathers on the quilt I am doing. As the block I am quilting is dark, I will need black Tulle (check) and a silver Sharpie, so I'll be looking for one of those in town later on today. Then it will be more feather fun - wish me luck!
I took this photo of our driveway yesterday, showing the Autumn colour here. In Northland there are a lot of evergreens planted (and native bush) so we don't tend to get the same beautiful autumn scenes as seen elsewhere. Also, because we don't quite get the cold snaps the trees often don't tend to suddenly change colour.  We are trying to plant a few more deciduous trees as they really are lovely when they do change.
Happy sewing everyone - thanks for popping in,


Michelle said...

Your quilting is looking great Raewyn, I am looking forward to seeing it on the quilt...

Leeanne said...

hey looks cool! Glad you have found a method that gives you some confidence to go for it!!

Sue said...

Loved you showing us how you did your feathers. I got a kick out of your BSR story. Been there, done that ;) I decided I liked not using it so never did.
The machine I have now doesn't have the BSR and I find I don't need it. *Not that my quilting is anything to write home about* But I agree that when I did have my machine with the BSR, I thought it was rather bulky also.

Great FMQ!!

Suz said...

Just wondering why you need black tulle... I would have thought you'd still be able to see the design on the white... then you'd just need to use an appropriate marker over the top to get it to mark onto your dark quilt top???

Linda in Calif. said...

Very nice!! I think I might try that too.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

looking great!!

Katie said...

Nice job! Great feathers. I find it much easier to quilt without the BSR.

Love your fall view. :-)

Jacquelin said...

Está muy bien unir el tutorial de 2 meses distintos. Me ha gustado la idea y seguro que tus plumas cada vez se verán mejor. ¡Suerte!

Carrie P. said...

I missed that post about using the tulle for embroidery but that is a great idea when you can't see through different fabrics. thanks for sharing that link.
your feathers look great. I keep a cheat sheet by me too so I can see those arrows on the pattern.

Becky G said...

I'm not brave enough to try machine quilting yet, but your blog account makes it seem acheivable! Thanks for posting, and your driveway looks like a poem would sound. Have a great week-end. b

Michelle May said...

It looks wonderful! Great job!
Your yard is so pretty. I love autumn. It's my favorite time of year.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your quilting looks beautiful, thanks for all the little tips, they are very helpful! Love the photo of your drive, you have some lovely autumn colour happening.

Tammy said...

Your feathers are looking fantastic Raewyn. I'm curious about your Bernina's BSR mechanism. If you weren't using it, have you ever tried it? Your driveway photo is gorgeous. Looks to me like you live in paradise.