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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"On the Edge"

Where the country goes to the city —
On the Edge is a fairly new Art Gallery in our little city of Whangarei. It covers a wide range of art and each month it has new displays.
This month, along with a local photographer, The Country Yard (aka "my local") was invited to exhibit.
I went along this morning and was impressed by what Richard had done with 'our' quilts. He kindly gave me permission to share these photos on my blog.
I loved this view; the colours, the haybales, the paintings and artwork all
worked together so well. On the bales are my 'Simple Pleasures' quilt
and the 3 Stitch-Around-The-Block cushions from our neighbourhood.
You can also see one of Lynette Anderson's Button Club Mystery
quilts from 2010.
To the far left is Jacki's 70th birthday quilt. (I couldn't get a good photo.)
This is a BOM; this beautiful sample was made by Leeanne for the shop.
Loved its setting on this coloured wall.
Noeline's lovely embroidered cushions are on the left, but my photo of
these wasn't clear.
Rachel's 'Journey of a Quilter' is on the table and Mary's 70th birthday quilt is
on the wall.
We each made a block for Mary's quilt which was assembled and quilted
by her daughter. This pic is of the block, the Kereru (Wood Pigeon), which
I made for her. (I haven't shown it here before).
This is the block I made for Jacki's 70th birthday quilt. Recognise him??!!
This was a quilt I hadn't seen before. Rachel made this - gorgeous!!
I haven't showed close ups of everything as I didn't want to spoil it for you locals who haven't visited yet!.
I really enjoyed this visit; it was inspiring to see the quilts in such a different setting.  Thanks Richard, you did a great job :-)

Back on the home front —
— this photo shows YD's latest bear creation (she's made 4 in the past month!). This one is 7 1/2 inches tall, and was helping me make my latest house block earlier this morning.

Thanks for visiting - hope you enjoyed the peek at the gallery, and hope you all have a great week,


Joanne said...

Great displays!!
Lovely bear helper and another wonderful block.

Leeanne said...

great shots of the gallery! I forgot to take my camera when I went. Don't our quilts looks so neat in the wonderful setting. Richard & Shari have done a fabulous job.
I have some wee bits for your scrappy houses. I think the bear needs to upgrade to a bigger home!

Marion B. said...

So many wonderful quilts ánd pictures.
That bear is so cute and your house too.
I'm weaving kitchen towels now but when that's done I'll go right back to my own little village.

Shirley said...

What a great setting for your quilt show and how refreshing to see coloured walls in a gallery. Thet really do show off the quilts. Well done to you all. Wish I could go and see it. The teddy bears looks fab, your daughter really has a gift for making them and that makes them special.

Cisca said...

Great display of great quilts! I love Rachel's quilt, lovely design!
The bear is so cute, and your little house is wonderful, love the little doggy in the window!
Happy quilting, Cisca

Linda in Calif. said...

Wow, the photos are so fun. So cool to see your cat block there. Good job on the bird block and the house block.

ms lottie said...

Looks fantastic. And you haven't shown that kereru before - I would have remembered, he's stunning!!

Grethe said...

Great photos!Looks very nice there.
How proud you must be,love your 70th birthdayblock:-)

-girl from the bush said...

Hi raewyn, wow the gallery certainly looks great! all of the quilts anf wall hangings and everything look fantastic too. well done !

Josie said...

Fabulous to see all those wonderful quilts given their own gallery space. Bet it's a popular showing.
I'm in love with the block you made for the 70th quilt. It's so cheerful (as a banner too) and it never fails to make me smile.

Carrie P. said...

Great displays of all the works. The quilts look really nice they way they were displayed too.