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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hexie progress and Christmas gifts

These are the latest flowers for my GFG quilt AND ALSO the LAST ones I need to make!! Exciting!! And I confess I didn't make these today (One Flower Wednesday) but I did do some work on my quilt today and thought it a good day to share it.
I've been spending a bit of time adding my edging hexies to my pathway of white [this post notes my battle with the fun and beautiful orange fabric :-)]
This is how the edge looked this morning —
Orange partial flowers attached to give a straight edge.
Then I unfolded the glued fabric off the edge of my outer hexies —
And pinned the edge to a 3 inch border strip...
And sewed them together using the edge of the papers as my guide.
Gulp - the first machine sewn seam on the quilt!!
Oops didn't realise I had my leader and ender crumb
block in the photo too!
Next step, taking out the papers and pressing it.
The border is possibly a bit wide but I can easily trim it
a bit once I decide how I want it. I think I will possibly
tone the brightness down with a narrower border.
Now before you think I must nearly be finished, I must warn you that this is the only border which is at this stage! The other 3 edges need more white pathways, or orange fillers and there are even 3 gaps for filling up with today's flowers. Still plenty of work but progress nonetheless.
To join in with One Flower Wednesday or to see the progress of other hexie gardens around the world, visit the link here and go to the sign in sheet page.

And, changing the subject; Our quilting group had it's Christmas Day this week. We met out at someone's beach house, had a nice lunch, did some hand sewing and crafting and exchanged homemade gifts. It was a lovely day, with some good laughs and far too much food!
We each made one gift and each ended up with a randomly selected gift (pass the parcel left-right-right - left-right- left-left....and so on...around the circle).
Here is the lovely toiletry bag I received —
Isn't the fine stripe effective around the edge. Thank you Ans.
And here is the gift I made and took along, which Lois ended up with.
A block keeper
I used leftover cotton batting for the pages and lined the cover with
bag batting for a nice firmness.
Getting more confident with my stippling!
But don't look too closely!

And lastly, if you want to take part in Pay It Forward fun, please visit my previous post, here.
Thanks for visiting - happy stitching everyone,


Sue said...

Beautiful flowers once again and I love how you have them displayed. Well you certainly have come a long ways on your flowers. I'm working on mine for OFW right now. I have a long ways to go though before my quilt will be ready to add any borders to it. I really need to start connecting my flowers too. Then I might see the end a little sooner!

Leeanne said...

Just LOVE your hexie quilt, really the orange makes it all sing! I look forward to watching more progress and the enjoyment you get from making it.
It was a fun day at the bach wasn't it!I like your red trellis in the background of your yummy block keeper.
I must ask you how this pay it forward thing works....I meant to ask you on Monday, but well there was other stuff going on!Eating, laughing, sewing etc.......

Michelle said...

You aren't far from finishing your hexie quilt now... I am just thinking of starting one for my next hand stitching project lol
Your block looks fabulous ... she sure was one lucky lady to receive it:O)

sunny said...

Your GFG is looking great! Mine got put aside temporarily while I work on Christmas gifts. I love the orange fabric you're using. Your little quilt group sounds like a good time.

Kelli said...

Your GFG quilt is stunning Raewyn! I just love the orange print. And those goodies that you gave/received look like lots of fun, too! How nice to have your meeting in a beach house. ;o)

Marion B. said...

Ofcourse I did look closely and I love it anyway :-)
You've made beautiful presents and hexies.

Maria said...

I really love the orange border Raewyn. How long did it take you to get to this stage??

Beautiful gifts .Both given and recieved.

Becky G said...

What a happy quilt! Thanks for explaining how you did it.
Your sewing group sounds wonderful; and your block keeper is just great! What a fabulous gift.

Renata said...

Dein FlowerQuilt ist toll! Die letzten Schritte machen am meisten Spaß!

Liebe Grüße!

Stray Stitches said...

Wonderful flowers! How fun to see a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt actually going together. I look forward to seeing the top completed.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Your flowers on the roses are so pretty and your quilt is gorgeous! The orange border looks great. I like the pattern and colors on the block keeper - you did a beautiful job.

Erica said...

Thank you for posting pics of sewing your border. I'm getting close to needing a border for my quilt and wasn't sure how to go about it. Love the orange!

Hennie said...

Your flower garden is wonderfull, nice border ! ! !

Gr Hennie.

Annemieke Price-Talen said...

The border is beautiful and the colors are very nice.

Karen said...

Very exciting Raewyn!!! The border is fabulous and lovely Christmas Day gifts.

Lots of Fabric 2 said...

Your quilt looks wonderful,what a great way to end your quilt,love all the pictures on how you put it all togother have a great day happy quilting

Leeann said...

Love that orange fabric and the border is great how you have completed the edge. ncento

Leeann said...

That's strange my comment above put the verification word at the end? I wasn't trying to send a coded message!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers with the roses are beautiful,your quilt just coming along fantastic! I love the orange border your working on, thank you for sharing with us all.

Narelle said...

I really love how you've added the border to your garden quilt :o)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your hexie quilt is looking amazing Raewyn, I love the little mini tutorial about sewing on the border too! The bag you received is lovely and I love the block keeper you made, beautiful applique block on the front.

Karen said...

The orange border is looking good. I have never made a hexie quilt but keep thinking I would like to some day. I even have some of the hexagon papers but I think they are too small.

Josie said...

Gorgeous block keeper...lucky Lois! Hey that sounds like she's some gangsters moll! You were lucky too... that is one lovely toiletry bag you got from Ans.
Love your hexie progress too your quilt is looking fab.
Now... I've awarded you a Leibster Award to show my appreciation of you. Pop on over to my place to find out more.

Chookyblue...... said...

your hexagon quilt is how your adding the borders..........goodluck getting more borders done.........

Melody said...

Thank you so much for the pictures of how you finished the edges of you hexie flower quilt. I had no idea how to do this so this will be really useful when mine is finished.
Your block keeper is just gorgeous and so is the lovely gift you recieved.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Yours, Ulla