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Monday, July 18, 2011

An update....

Yum- Cake Pops!!
Recently we gathered at my parent's place for a Mid-winter Christmas in July celebration. It poured with rain outside but we didn't care, the fire was stoked up and the gumboots left at the door. There was plenty to eat, and lots of laughs and fun---especially with a ten dollar gift we each had to take along.

Obligatory family photo --- Mum and Dad, myself and my two daughters. Unfortunately our son's plane was cancelled so he and his wife couldn't make it. For some reason, the MOML avoided the photo shoot.
All looking at different cameras!!

I thought you may be interested in the next generation of crafters. With no knitting or crocheting family members living very close, my nieces and friends are teaching themselves how to craft from the internet. So all you out there with fabulous tutorials for doing various things - thank you --these guys are loving it!!

JD with her crocheted masterpiece - cant
remember his name, but he does have one!
SE and Fr both knitting...she is making collars for the
neighbourhood cats and he is practising with circular needles.

Thought I had better show this photo so my own girls don't feel left out... ED made socks for Oscar when he was a puppy. He's outgrown them now.
 And while they were all knitting and crocheting, I was doing a bit of appliqué. Joanne (Threadhead blog)put out an invitation for people to join her in progressing through the Hop To It quilt. As I was just waiting for the book to arrive at my house (thanks bro') I said I would join in. I was too late for the June block but you can see I am making progress on the July one.
 It's an absolutely beautiful quilt and I am happy to be doing it...thanks Joanne for giving me the little push.
Now I'm not sure if you can tell what is going on in the photo below.... but I will give you a is something to do with the photo below it......
Yes, you are right, putting fresh shavings in the calf shed
in preparation for calving;
And just as well we did...the first has arrived!

So it's going to be heads down and tails up for a bit now - and grabbing a bit of stitching time when I can too!!  Hope you can as well :-)
Thank you for visiting, have a nice day,


Melody said...

Looks like so much fun and what a feast.

Michelle said...

It's all go for you now... Looks like you and your family had a lovely time together.

Leeanne said...

Calf time! We might not see so much of you? Pretty block, socks and yumo cake!

Tarn said...

Hahaha when did you take that photo of Oscar-Riley's socks? That was a very long time ago

Marion B. said...

As I'm living at the other side of the world, and English is not my native language, I'm not quite sure I understand.
You did have some sort of christmas party in July at midwinter? Midwinter I do understand but the rest?

Carrie P. said...

It looks like you all know how to have a good time.
Oh, you are doing Hop To It. I just started prepping 2 blocks today.
The calf is so sweet.