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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catching up

ED came home for the weekend last night--so lovely to see her-- and during the course of conversation, she commented that I hadn't updated my blog for a while. So true I thought, but I couldn't really think of much creating to show everyone!
So I got up this morning, grabbed my camera and went hunting!!
MY Stitcharound The Block returned home recently. This was a project designed by Helen Stubbings of Hugs n'Kisses. Groups of 4 of us worked on these, all taking a turn to do a round on another group member's work.... I did the centre of this, and other bloggy friends around New Zealand have done the next three rounds {thank you Leanne, Nicky and Janis :-) }.As you can see Round 4 needs a little more done to complete it - isn't that what friends are for, to take up the slack for each other - so I plan on preparing that today so I can stitch it while down at my parent's this week. [And the way it worked out in our group with Christmas, and life getting in the way, I actually haven't done a Round 4 yet anyway, so it's all worked out fair!]

I also found my Grandmothers Garden Quilt to photograph... as you can see I am joining the hexie-flowers; I wanted to get started on that so I could see what colours I needed to make new flowers from. It's very skeletal with the minimum number of seams sewn to keep it all together; now I'm working through it adding the white hexagons and filling in all the gaps.
Below you can see that I have been doing a little practice of my free motion quilting.
And this week was Class One of the Beginners' Quilt I am teaching at my favourite local quilt shop.The first time I have done tutoring in the quilting world but we seemed to master quarter inch seams and closing the rotary cutter EVERY time alright!!
Simple colour scheme and an achievable design.
And a further distraction at home, we are extending our deck - it was very narrow before - and creating a carport as well. So there's cups of tea to make for the builders and the occasional bit of home baking to produce!!
So now I'm all caught up - ED, I hope you are satisfied!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone, I hope you get the chance to do some creating!


Sue said...

OH I just love the quilt with the stitchery! So beautiful and you are really coming along nicely on your GFG!! I need to get back at mine.

sunny said...

I love your little stitch around the block. I'd like to find a Stay at home Robin to join. Keep on making those pretty hexies!

Annie said...

Raewyn, your projects are absolutely gorgeous.....I love the quilt pattern you are teaching your class - has given me some ideas for some lovely Whimsical's fabrics I have tucked away that need just the perfect project to warrant being cut into hundreds of tiny pieces.

Leeanne said...

I really love your Stitching Round the Block, your colours and I love your satin stitched flower centres.

Maria said...

What a lovely Round Robin to be in. Beautiful stitching.
Your hexies are coming together nicely.
How nice to share your skills with others.
Enjoy your weekend.

Wendy said...

Your flower garden is looking nice with the white sashing. I have seen these "around the block projects" on a few other blogs. I'd love to be involved in one of those. Anyway, thanks for sharing!!

Cottage Tails said...

You are busy - lucky gals being in a class with you.

Love Leanne

BubzRugz said...

Lots going on at your house..... I'm sure you will have fun finishing off your SAthe block.... and so great to be tutoring a course... the quilt looks lovely...

Sandra Henderson said...

Gogeous! I especially love your GFG! If you look to the left of my blog, on the bloglist,!/cover
She made the cutest little girl jacket from an old one! :)