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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Here is Block 5 of Bronwyn Hayes' Catalicious BOM. I really like the buttonhole stitch for the flowers and blanket edging. I'm only one month behind on this BOM now... but as you can see below I have started the next one so should be caught up soon!
I thought I could show you my latest little technique-discovery. I was reading somewhere about basting a quilt. The author said to cut a longish thread, pull only half of it through and baste with it. Come back to the other end of the thread and baste away in the opposite direction. I thought I would try this idea with my stitching.
Above I have started a new thread and am busy sewing away.
Underneath it is a long dingle-dangle thead, out of the way and waiting to be used (sometime I tack it loosely out of the way if it is being in an annoying mood).
In the next (bottom) photo you can see I have finished the stitching with the first half of the thread; I have threaded the second half (that was dingle-dangling below my work) and started a new patch of sewing in another direction.
This technique has been working really well for me; I have half the number of ends to tidy up and sew in at the back. I make sure I start in a spot that is in the middle of a pattern so I don't run out of places to go.
It's really good for this redwork / one colour stitching but I guess if you were multi-colouring it could be used in the odd place where there is a large amount of one colour.

Well that's my words of wisdom for today!! Hope you're all having a good weekend :-)
Happy sewing!!


Leeanne said...

very cool idea...nice to hear it is working for you.Very cute cats.

viv said...

It's time for me to lurk no more. Thank you for sharing this technique with inspirational photos. I have added your address to my blog as a source of great links for learning more about the process. Here, in ChCh, we have a fabric and crafts market called Stash reHash from which I have seriously expanded my collection. It's all a bit mind-boggling really just knowing how and where to get started. I think I need to try a sampler of some kind.
I hope the floodwaters have subsided and that you are drying out and warming up. We've had a warming but blustery nor'wester today.

Angelika said...

Thank you so much for sharing this :-) I´m shure that it will work very good for me too !
Happy stitching :-)

Sue said...

Oh I love the BOMs you are working on! So adorable!!

That is a great technique too! Thank you so much for sharing it. I will have to try that next time in my stitching:)

Have a lovely day today:)

Bec said...

Very cute!
oh, and I worked out which Sara Donati book I need and it's only the last one I am missing. I have one here tucked away still waiting to be read!

Benta said...

Thank you, I love anything that makes life easier :-)

Farm Girl said...

Gorgeous Raewyn, very cute cat. Thanks for sharing that technique - what a great idea!

Rose Marie said...

Sweet block .... and great tip!