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This is a little experiment so please bear with me. I have a feeling this is going to be a rambl-y sort of page...
I love browsing around visiting blogs and getting lots of ideas of things I can try. I was really taken by the idea of Karen's to commit to making at least one flower each Wednesday and was tempted to sign up. However I sat myself down and gave myself a good talking to! You see I have become besotted with all the spools I see around the world, and it wouldn't do to overload myself with too many different projects, would it? (Those of you who know me personally, please don't laugh too loud!)
SO, as a motivator and to give myself a little excitement, I have decided to dedicate a page to these lovely little cotton reels/spools/klosjes. It's somewhere I can diary my progress of klosjes making and who knows where I'll end up!!
I'm thinking a Sampler-style quilt with different varieties of klosjes in it.

MY FIRST klosje was one of these little beauties................

I was inspired by Rose Marie's klosjes; she has posted a really good tutorial for making this version. These are 6 inch finished size.
I think I''ll make 9 of these, and use them as a centre to the quilt...

I'll let you know when I have made more progress!!
[Oh yes, and I'm going to try my hardest to make it completely from scraps or stash...but I cant make amy promises!!]

Post 2
A few more klosjes to add to my small pile… I’m up to 5 now!
I’ve been adapting the process to suit me and come up with one that works well for me —
* I have drawn out a master template of the klosjes which will remain INTACT!  A friend suggested using light card eg a cereal box for my templates, but I found little inaccuracies crept in with the sizing when I traced around my template, even when I was really careful. 
*I found some lightweight photocopy card (160 g/m2) in my cupboard; I print the template onto that. If I turn the papercard around and put it back through the printer, I can get 2 off one card.  
* I cut these out and have perfect accurate templates so all my seams meet evenly!!
*I find the card good as I can fold the fabric around it easily and end up with nice sharp edges to stitch.And of course its recyclable!
Post 3

Here are some klosjes all prepared and ready to go —
As I mentioned above, I have worked out a system that works well for me, ensuring the blocks are nice and accurate.
Here are the template pieces. I number them (actually, it’s the alphabet, A-B-C, not numbering 1-2-3!) to refer to later.
Here is one piece after I have glued it ready to sew – no basting stitches needed with the Sewline Glue Pen (see blog post here). Those little tails are fine to leave sticking out; makes the preparation easier and they just get tucked out of the way as you sew. (If you don’t already leave these tails, try it!! You’ll love it!)

I usually lay these out like this next to me when sitting stitching so I can see the numbering/oops lettering and they all get stitched in the right place.
If you’ll excuse my rather messy drawing below, you’ll see on this picture how I now sew these up. I start at the top and carry on until the bottom, securing at the end of each edge with some little stitches on the spot and then running my thread under the fabric, securing, then sewing etc. This saves cutting thread and restarting all the time – makes me feel I’m being extra efficient!!.

Not rocket science but a handy tip I hope.

It's been a while since I updated this page so here goes...
Post 4
Here are my 9 klosjes sewn together for the centre of my quilt. 
Now I've decided on a change... I see so many cool klosjes around in blogland that I want to do them all--- therefore they're going to be put together in one quilt!!
The outside of my centre piece, with the brown border, measured 19 1/2 inches (20" unfinished). I decided to have 6 spools along each edge, so each had to be 3 1/4 inches wide (or 3 3/4" unfinished). This meant drafting my own pattern as of course I had no pattern for some that size!!

---still more to add ----- come back soon!!-----